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Car Hire Kos Airport

Dodecanese is the group of Greek islands in the south of Sporades. In this island group lays Kos, with an area of 25 miles by 5 miles heading to the Bordum coast of Turkey by 2. 5 miles. Around 31,000 people call it home and have their own municipality. The capital area is Kos town the heart of the island. The myth states that Hercules visited the island. The island was throughout known as Kos but various names been given to it in different historic times like it was called COO in Italian and Istankoy by Ottoman. If you are looking for cheap car hire Kos Airport then compare prices with us.

All the Places to Be

The island though small but have its mark of history for the travellers to look at it and learn. This green patch of the earth has so much to share from the historic times. It bears the most esteemed Asclepeion. Once a temple of healing god Asclepius is now rocks and ruins and yet the view so refreshing and enliven. Surviving the cruelty of time from centuries are the ruins of Gymnasium. The experience is so intense and even the ruins are so intricate that Universities bring their architecture students to get inspire in the ruins like ancient Odeon. Even today the sight of Odeon enlightens the soul inside for the taste of music and inspired life.

The Advanced Kos

Yet not compromising on its size the island does not only have the ruins to share but complete erected buildings like the city Cathedral and Asfendiou Monastery of Zia. You will find on your way the stunning statues of Hippocrates, a medical revolutionist in Kos. The city harbour is the ultimate luxurious indulgence, the scenic beauty of the harbour shined up by neat array of yachts. The splendid Beach sight is a perfect ending of the evening with friends or family with the entire bars and restaurants along the beach side. Car hire Kos Airport is the best way to view near by attractions.

Don't hesitate about exploring the local area and book your car hire Kos Airport with us today.

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