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Main Road Right Opposite The Port Main Port, Parikia (Greece)
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Car Hire Paros Paroikia

Paros Paroikia is the capital city of Paros Greece. It was built in modernity to replace the ancient popular city of Greece. It is loved and known for its best harbor. It is used by the many visitors who are in the chronicle of visiting other islands. It acts as a bridge to many other islands. Without it there would be no reaching these other Islands, unless they use the choppers. The visitors should rent a car to take them to the harbor. To those who will be traveling to the other side of the island, they can choose to leave the cars there at the harbor. They can choose to go with them as well. The ferries available have the capacity to carry a lot of goods at once.

A few minutes’ drive from the port of Paros Paroikia stands the most ancient pieces, remedial of the ancient Greece city. There are some old fashioned mansions, most of them colored white. Not far from there is the highest point of the town. There is a castle built on it. The castle is known as the Kastro. It is not as it was decades ago. Only some walls are remaining. Car hire desks are available in this region for the visitors who will get tired of walking. They can be taken round to the places that they will not have attended.

Paros Paroikiais built around the harbour. It is not very big because it accommodates 3,000 people. With a car hire the visitors can easily visit the key sites in the town. This will give them hedge against those who use public means. They can opt to go to the neighboring islands via the harbour. That is an advantage that the visitors using the public means may not have. The reason being, they will be challenged by the time that they will have at hand. When in the ferry crossing to the other neighboring islands, the visitors will be able to enjoy the tranquility of the sea.

The other places which the visitors cannot miss to go when they are in Paros Paroikia are the museum and the churches surrounding the Kastro. The most important museum which they cannot ignore is the Archeological museum of Paros. The historians will want to get a car hire they will have to explore what is in the museum till they cannot walk to hotel. The museum is huge.

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