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Mykonos Port Car Hire Quote

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Old Port, Mykonos Island, 84600 (Greece)
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Car Hire Mykonos Port

Mykonos Port and Island is “picture perfect” and ideal for traveling around with no aid from a tour guide. Take your time there is no hurry; walk around, explore the streets, visit some shops, and take a couple of postcard photos. Make sure to pass by the windmills and have a look at the pelican famously known as Pétros. Enjoy some special coffees or drinks and lunch at one of the restaurants looking at the beaches and the boats at the harbor. It is a pedestrian friendly area. The walkways are flat, with the exception of a few steps at the entrance of the buildings and are made of marble. You won’t get tired as the walking distances are short. The streets are suited for pedestrians but there few are rental cars or scooters.

This island is quite spotless. The only paint color on all the well maintained buildings on the island is white with some trim paint on some buildings and few red or deep blue roofs. Sunglasses are a necessity due to the bright white and clear blue skies. A hat is also recommended.

Mykonos Port is an island with an opportunity to experience unforgettable moments made by the Gods for all their people as no man could create something this unique. Enjoy the sun, sea, sky, the hospitality, fun, charm, and the harmony. It's full of crystal waters and golden beaches. The white colored stones, scattered mountains and the natural elements are strong and vivid, guiding you, filling you with new sensations especially when you know you can have the added benefit of renting a car to take you back.

Mykonos Port and Island, you think and walk like you are familiar with everybody. If you wave, they always wave back. Everything is familiar, simple and hospitable. The atmosphere is warm and relaxing. The Hospitality and hugs are some of the things you take and carry with you forever. Getting lost in some alley is a fascinating feeling. Our walk ends at the exit to the seashore with a view of some boats and a glass of delicious ouzo. Experience anything you want as much as you see fit. Everything is close by; you only need to make a choice. Even those that are a fair distance away can be easily reached by car hire. You simply need choose to visit Mykonos Port.

Be sure to walk the winding narrow streets to the harbor when you exit the windmills. You will find attractive shops and buildings selling a wide range of products with impressive artwork in jewelry, postcards and T-shirts. There are also several churches. What you will discover is a mystery. This is a great place to explore, have fun and to photograph. Getting lost is not an issue, if that happens, just ring up one of the Islands rental car hire companies. If you need help, anyone can point you to the harbor, besides you are never far from the harbor.

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