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5 of World's Most Expensive Places to Stay
Posted Feb 18, 2014 by Morgan Glover in Travel Ideas

It is time to check the most expensive places on Earth. And we are not talking about activities, but places where you can stay. If you earn enough money, these places feel like your very own corner of[...]

5 of The Best Meals in the World
Posted Feb 16, 2014 by Morgan Glover in Dining Out

Food is an integral part of travel, not only because sustenance gives you the energy to explore and discover more about your destination, but also because it is an essential part of the country’s cult[...]

Top 5 Beaches in Thailand
Posted Feb 14, 2014 by Morgan Glover in Beach Lovers

Thailand makes a perfect place for a summer vacation especially because has a lot of beaches; actually, ¼ of the country’s surface has opening to the ocean. This is great for surfing, basking in the s[...]

10 Bill Bryson Travel Quotes to Inspire You to Explore More of the World
Posted Feb 13, 2014 by Morgan Glover in Travel Stories

Need some travel inspiration? Here are 10 travel quotes for you by Bill Bryson which I hope will inspire you to explore more of the world.

Top 5 Botanical Gardens in the World
Posted Feb 11, 2014 by Morgan Glover in National Parks

The botanical gardens across the world are meant to be an oasis of peace, silence and relaxation. Some of them impress through their size; others, through the variety of species of plants. No matter h[...]

Top 5 Weekend Breaks in Europe
Posted Feb 10, 2014 by Morgan Glover in Weekend Breaks

Do you only have a few days at your disposal but you want to check out some of Europe’s finest locations? Want to go to a place that is not too crowded? In this list you will find a variety of places [...]

7 Things You Learn from Traveling (which Makes You a Better Person)
Posted Feb 08, 2014 by Morgan Glover in Travel Advice

Travel is not for everyone. It can cost you a pretty penny, force you to take time off work (and be separated, at least for a short period of time, from your family and friends), and take a toll on yo[...]

7 Things Not to Do When Traveling
Posted Feb 06, 2014 by Morgan Glover in Travel Advice

Traveling is one of the greatest pleasures in life, and many people bask in the incomparable experience that travel bestows upon them. While there are things that travel allows you to do, there are al[...]

5 Reasons Why Bangkok Wins for Dining Out
Posted Feb 03, 2014 by Jean Morrone in Dining Out

There are many reasons that dining in Bangkok is the winner of dining locations. It offers the quality, the variety, and selections of other places in the world. Then it adds the flair of its own cuis[...]

5 Perks of First Class Travel
Posted Feb 01, 2014 by Jean Morrone in Luxury Travel

Some airlines begin the first-class service before passengers ever reach the airport. Limousine rides to the airport, as well as, a guarantee to go from curb to a lounge provided in 10 ten minutes are[...]

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