The Tasmanian Peninsula Road Trip, Australia: Into the Wilderness

The Tasmanian Peninsula Road Trip, Australia: Into the Wilderness,, blog.d

With its dramatic landscapes and raw, pristine beauty, the Tasman Peninsula in the southeastern part of Tasmania, Australia, is undeniably one of the most beautiful places in the world. Named after the legendary Dutch explorer Abel Tasman, the peninsula was once home to the Pydairrerme settlers. The Tasman Peninsula offers a good number of scenic drives, but the one that we recommend the most is the Waratah to Ouse route, also known as the Wilderness Way.

This route is best known for its scenic offerings—including close-ups of the Tasmanian wilderness, with its pristine rain forests and dramatic mountain peaks. Listed as a World Heritage Site, the Tasmanian wilderness is a vast expanse of beautiful landscape spanning 1.38 million hectares of territory. While the Wilderness Way does not cover the entire territory, you can experience a good chunk of it while driving along this route. Be prepared for an adventure like no other—with the some of the most scenic places on earth unfolding right outside your car window.

What to See

Tasmanian Peninsula

You can spend the first day of your Tasmanian road trip on the 82-mile drive from the start point of Waratah to Strahan. Along the way, you will find plenty of majestic waterfalls along the route, with a fine specimen located right along the main street. The Waratah Museum is a must-visit for anyone who wants to find out about the history of this glorious region.

Cradle Mountain

The Cradle Mountain (pictured left) is one of the best parts of the Waratah to Strahan drive, with the mountain’s raw, rugged peaks jutting out into the clear Tasmanian sky. The highest peak in the region, Mt. Ossa, is also visible along the drive. Hikers will definitely enjoy the Overland Track in Cradle Mountain, but you will need to extend your stay to six more days to fully explore the wonders of this breathtaking landmark. Rosebery can be found along the main route; a mining town that is home to the glorious Montezuma Falls, the largest and one of the most picturesque waterfalls in Tasmania. Rosebery is also perfect if you want to go for some fishing—trout is especially abundant in the area.

Golden River

On the second day, you can drive to your end point, Ouse—but make sure not to leave if you have not seen the Strahan Wharf. Park for a couple of hours to enjoy a morning cruise of the Gordon River (pictured right). You can also make a detour to enjoy the West Coast Wilderness Railway that will take you into Queenstown, one of the most important industrial areas in Australia.

The Wilderness Way also offers an experience of the Derwent Bridge over Lake St. Clair, which is picture perfect no matter where you stand. You can go on another detour and enjoy a guided wildlife tour in the area.

Final Tip

If you want to embrace the glorious Tasmanian wilderness, then this route is just for you. Just do not forget to slather on some sunscreen!

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Route Details
Start Point: Waratah Distance: 214.3 miles (345 kilometers)
End Point: Ouse Estimated Days: 2