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Car Hire Portugal

Portugal is one of the most truly amazing and thus popular tourist attractions. It is present in the extreme western end of Europe right next to Spain. Portugal has its own unique culture, style and heritage. It has one of the most blessed country sights with unique and truly breathtaking beauty and amazing beaches. It also provides the people with a chance to experience its individualistic nightlife and city life.

Places to visit

Upon stopping in Portugal the first place that must be visited is Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. It is truly enchanting from all aspects. It is a region that has a rhythm of its own. It invites young couples and newly wed and draws everything out into a soft romantic light. In Lisbon, there is perfect harmony between the old monuments and the new sights, and a trip around the city will make any body feel totally and uniquely exhilarated. It contains a huge amount of culture and history and the much sought after city life. Castelo Sao Jorge; the castle of St George is a huge tourist attraction too. It lies in the budding centre of Alfama. It is the evidence of the existence of the Moorish rule in Portugal.

Shopping places

With just a few minutes drive away from Alfama lays Rossio. This is the commercial centre that attracts all those people who love a late night out exploring and venturing in to what the night life has to offer. It is not a traditional commercial area; it is Portuguese personalized with cobbled streets and area divided into distinguishable squares.

To truly enjoy the coast of Portugal, one must drive all the way to Cabo da Roca. This is in the extreme west of Europe’s mainland. It provides the people with truly breathtaking view of the coast.


How is it possible to not visit the beach when one goes on a trip to Portugal? To get the best dose of a Portugal beach, one must visit the Cascais. Other than the amazing natural treats that it offers, it also gives people a chance to experience the truly amazing and exciting night life. It has a huge assortment of such activities that range from night clubs to pubs and to very exotic restraint.

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