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Ponta Delgada Airport Azores Car Hire Quote

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Aeroporto De Ponta Delgada, Ponta Delgada, 9500-749 (Portugal)
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Car Hire Ponta Delgada Airport Azores

The history of Portugal is as old as the earliest explorers one can recall from their world history education. The Portuguese are rich of history and exploration as portrayed by their great explores such as Vasco da Gama. They are credited as some of the finest travelers and explores in our universe and names and sites such as “Cape of Good Hope” in South Africa can only justify their nature. Therefore anyone around the world who may take some great interest in wanting to know more about Portugal the answer can only be Ponta Delgada Airport. If you are looking for cheap car hire Ponta Delgada Airport Azores then compare prices with us.

Joao Paulo II Airport (Ponta Delgada Airport Azores) is an airport located on the Sao Miguel Island. It is situated approximately 3 km west of Ponta Delgada city on the Azores in Portugal. It was named after Pope John II. This airport is rich in terms of traffic and is ranked as the busiest airport in the Azores and as a results serves a lot of passengers both domestic and international ones.

The airports flights can be divided into two major categories namely, domestic and international. It has scheduled flights to each and every island of the Azores, Lisbon, Porto and Madeira. This offers a great opportunity to anyone interested in touring these places to do so without any form of pain or strain. International flights are also accommodated by the airport to and from major destinations across the world. These include Europe and North America among others. Therefore the airport services are available to the rest of the world especially tourists from all corners of the wide world. Car hire Ponta Delgada Airport Azores is the best way to view near by attractions.

The airport also boost of a large fleet of cars of all types from small economical cars to large, luxury and family cars. These can be hired for transportation purposes around the city and its environs through either the airport website or at the various cars hire desks on arrival.

Don't hesitate about exploring the local area and book your car hire Ponta Delgada Airport Azores with us today.

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