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Car Hire Arcos De Valdevez

Arcos de Valdevez is a municipality in Portugal. It is the largest unit that is administered by the district of Viana do Castelo. This place is a true heritage of the most ancient societies in the world. Man had settled here round about five thousand years ago. This place has been the centre of attraction for archaeologists, as well. There are many ancient rocks with ancient writings and paintings. Most of them are done on the pieces of rocks. We suggest you to hire a car so that you can visit all the places in a relaxed mood.

The Castros spread in the area especially in Azere and Alvora are the main reason of the attraction for the tourists. During the medieval period, many historic locations were abandoned. Documents from the tenth and eleventh centuries prove that Arcos De Valdeves had been the centre of military infrastructure. This locality also served as a social centre. There is a bridge that is built in a pure Roman style dates back in the twelfth century. This bridge is a nice site to visit for the people who want to have a lively glimpse of that era.

The Castle of Santa Cruz is one of the centres of ancient heritage in Arcos De Valdeves. Historians believe that this castle is the site of the actual village that was the home of one of the most ancient human tribes. This castle was built in order to protect the residents from the invaders. The area that is included in present Arcos de Valdeves was then administered and controlled by the castle, until the thirteenth century AD. The village had Metro-Pole that was established as an honour to the village during the sixteenth century AD. The village was important for both trade and military purposes, and that is why King Manuel I had high regards for this location.

With the passage of time, Arcos Valdeves kept on covering more and more geographical area. Its administrative authorities have expanded a lot and they cover the areas of Sojao, gavieira and Ermelo.

There are a few places in the world that had been unable to preserve their ancient culture in order to present the true picture of the era that existed thousands of years ago. People who are interested in historic places and love cultural heritage must visit his place. It is recommended to hire a car to travel easily. There are many trusted and supportive rent a car companies from where you can hire a car without many complex formalities.

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