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Car Hire Morocco

Morocco, a North African country has been a popular tourist destination from people all across the globe in general and Europe in particular. It brings forward a typical, traditional picture of African culture in the most effectual manner.

The ‘tourist’ Hammams!

You might have been to a number of sauna baths innumerable times in your native country, but when visiting Morocco you are recommended to have a different experience of a traditional bath in ‘Hammams’. To encourage tourism, government has made a distinction between the ‘Hammams’ for tourists and the native people.

Buying out in ‘Souks’

Shopping is amongst the major attractions for most tourists. The traditional markets here are being called ‘souks’ (in Arabic) and offer some really exciting souvenirs to buy out. Dates from Morocco are exported to different Middle Eastern countries, and this in itself reflects their quality. Due to rich supply, and hence production of dates you could expect some delightful deliciousness at very affordable rates. Argan oil is yet another specialty of Morocco. There are several by-products of Argan oil and tourists find it quite an exciting prospect to buy out. Handicrafts with the likes of rugs and carpets are also some good souvenirs.


Morocco is one of these rare countries that offer a possibility of slightly different accommodation style. The traditional mud made huts are quite popular, not only because they maximizes the great delight to be on a tourist journey but also saves a great deal of strain on your pocket. Other styles of camping, especially for the mountaineers, are as common. In addition there are opportunities to sleep in some of the finest five-star hotels out there. In the end, make sure you visit Rabat for sure. Not only this would give you a feel of being in the metropolis but would also reflect the Arabian culture in effectual manner.

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