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Tangier Port Car Hire Quote

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Mohamed Vi Avenue, Tangier, 90060 (Morocco)
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Car Hire Tangier Port

A cargo port that is located in the east of Tangier (Morocco) is called Tangier Med Port. The services of this port have started from July 2007. 3. 5 million Shipment containers are the initial capacity of this port. The reason behind the development of this port was the social and economic development of the North Morocco. It is one of the largest ports in Africa. The foreign investment, creation of added value and jobs had definitely increased with the development of this port.

This project had left a great impact on the economy of Morocco. It has become a leading hub for cereal transshipment and also won an award for a strong growth market of transshipment. Both of these facilities are not available in the region of North-West Africa. This project is still under-development and managed by TMSA to complete its coordination and implementation. It is a non-public corporation with public prerogatives that interacts with different ministries and operating under an agreement with the Country. Car rental services are also available outside this port. They are available for the convenience of the passengers.

Although, Tangier Med Port is under-development but most of its operations are running on regular basis. It is also open for passengers. In case of heavy luggage, you can easily hire a car after exiting from the port. This facility has made everyone thankful to the management of airport for allowing the car rental companies.

Car rental companies makes life easy because you can go anywhere by hiring a car. Some passengers need to travel more like in the neighboring cities that is not possible with the taxis. Most of the taxis do not go outside the territory of a city. At this time, an only helpful way is to hire a car and take it wherever you want to go.

According to many analysts, Tangier Med Port would be helpful for the foreign investments, creating added values and to increase the employment for unemployed people. In year 2008, a draft loan contract has been signed for the expansion of this port. The total worth of contract was $180 million. In 2015, the port is expected to reach full capacity with 2 million vehicles, oil products of 10 million MT, 700,000 trucks, 7 million passengers and 8 million containers. Currently, the port is ready to start all of its operations and to provide best facilities to the native and non-native people

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