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Car Hire Nador Airport

Nador Airport is an international airport that is located at Al Arouit, which is about 30 kilometers from Nador city in Morocco. It is also known by another name as Arwi Airport. It has links to other main Morocco airports with European destinations like Belgium, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands. It has a single terminal that houses both arrivals and departures, but it still has the capacity of handling larger airlines like Boeing 747.

Nador Airport has limited public transport to the airport, and hence visitors require getting someone to pick or drop them to the airport. There is a parking yard in front of the terminal, which visitors or people who come to pick them pay. Lack of public airport transfers is not a problem when you are coming to Nador for a holiday, because there are enough car hire service providers where you can get a comfortable car that you will drive around in while visiting various attractions. When you are traveling as a group, you can also opt to take one of the taxis that are set aside for private hire.

What to See

The economy of Nador city depends on agriculture and fishery industries, although some chemical, textile and metallurgical industries still exist as part of the economy. Tourism is also taking shape and is becoming a major part of the growth. Moroccans who flock to the city on holidays to see their relatives and experience the city climate support most of the tourism.

International tourists mostly from Europe come to Nador to experience the traditional Riffian feeling, and it can be a great feeling if you try it out.

  • Birds and wildlife – Nature lovers have a lot to savor here because when you drive your rented car down to the east of Morocco, you will find the Kariet Arkmane village that is 30 kilometers away. It is home to the major saline and freshwater sites, and hence a good breeding place for the insects and birds. The salt marsh has the most beautiful grasshoppers, damselflies and other lovely insects. Yu cannot get enough of the various birds like coot, black winged stilt, flamingoes, gulls and crested grebe to name just a few.
  • Plant Community – Enjoy the ride in your rented car, drive further east, and feel the change and breeze from the cool shade of the juniper and cistus plants. This is a haven for nature lovers who come all the way to see the different varieties of birds, insects and wildlife.

Places to Stay

When it comes to hotels, Nador has everything for people of all walks of life. If you are traveling on a budget you can opt for the budget hotels, but there are luxurious hotels for those of us who are ready to set themselves free and enjoy the Moroccan beauty in this amazing city of Nador. You can drive your hired car all day long and settle back in your hotel as you enjoy the delicious Moroccan cuisine.

Other Nearby Locations