Top 5 All-inclusive Resorts in the Caribbean

Top 5 All-inclusive Resorts in the Caribbean - Sandals Resort, Barbados

The Caribbean is a region that is truly a tropical paradise. The countries in this region are known for their flora and fauna, beautiful beaches, amazing food, great music, unique culture and friendly people.

All kinds of accommodation are available in the Caribbean, inclusive all-inclusive resorts and hotels. Below are some of the best resorts in the Caribbean that offer all-inclusive package.

Sandals Resort, Barbados

Situated in St. Lawrence Gap, this all-inclusive resort is very popular with the tourists. It is mainly a destination for couples and is not very popular with families. The resort offers different kinds of facilities that make it a very good romantic getaway for couples. Most of the rooms of this resort provide the guests with splendid view of the Atlantic Ocean. The guests can take part in a variety of recreational and adventure activities offered by the resort, such as Kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling etc. The resort also has a golf course and a tennis court which are open to all guests. The spa in the resort offers romantic couples massages and other beauty and relaxation treatments.

Almond Beach Resort, Belize

This resort is situated in Hopkins, and is a paradise for beach lovers. The resort offers the guests with a calm, peaceful and serene environment which is ideal for enjoying their vacations. It is a very couples-friendly place and is very popular as a romantic getaway and a honeymoon destination. The resort is ideal for families as well and it offers a wide range of activities for children. The resort is frequently rated as one of the best resorts in the country. The hotel has also received many awards from different travel magazines over the years. It provides the guests with all kinds of modern day amenities.

Grand Pineapple Beach, Antigua

Situated in Long bay, it is known for its proximity to a beautiful beach. The beach is very secluded and is famous for its white sand. It is ideal for sunbathing, swimming, wind surfing and other water based activities. It is a huge resort which has around 180 luxury rooms and it caters to all kinds of tourists including couples, business travelers, families and solo travelers. It has mostly received positive reviews from guests on most of the tourism portals. Apart from the all-inclusive deals, the resort also provides other packages to its guests. These packages usually include luxury accommodation, meals and other services.

Jolly Beach Resort & Spa, Antigua

This resort is situated in Bolan. It is mainly popular with couples as it is an ideal destination for a romantic getaway in Antigua. Some of the amenities offered by the resort include access to suites, business center, free breakfast, bar & lounge, beach, restaurant, swimming pool, fitness center, free parking, etc. It also offers wheelchair access. Apart from that the resort also offers a wide range of aquatic activities to the guests.

Sugar Bay Resort & Spa, US Virgin Islands

This is an all-inclusive beach resort situated in St Thomas, on the US Virgin Islands. It is very popular as a summer destination for North American tourists. The rooms offered in the resort come with splendid view of the ocean and they are well furnished, clean and spacious as well. The resort is a hit with couples as well as families. Some of the facilities offered in the resort include 3 section pool, spa, swimming pools, mini-golf, nightclubs, restaurants, beach cabanas etc. Apart from these, the resort also offers other amenities such as a fitness center, meeting space and childcare etc. The beach is very near to the resort and its construction (setup) is very eco-friendly.