4 Ways to Have Unforgettable Luxury Adventure In The Middle East

4 Ways to Have Unforgettable Luxury Adventure In The Middle East

Yearning to get to know the Middle East? Try these luxury adventures for the trip of a lifetime.

The Middle East has a diverse set of offerings, so make sure you allot a long time for your vacation or schedule different adventures at different times.

The Middle East experience is so unique, and yet is so fulfilling that you’ll want to keep on coming back.

1. United Arab Emirates

Live like a king in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Dubai, a desert mirage city, is best known for the dazzling skyscraper, the Burg Khalifa. Known as the tallest building of the world, the hotel is magnificence epitomized, not just because of its height, but because of the extravagance reflected in almost every detail of the building. Life in Dubai is luxurious in itself, so go and spend a few days there enjoying chauffeured limos, unlimited shopping, palace tours, and exciting desert safaris. And don’t forget to visit the famous attractions there, such as the Dubai Palm Jebel Ali and the Dubai Sports City. And in Abu Dhabi, live in a real – yet modern – palace by booking into the sprawling Emirates Palace. Featuring 114 decorative domes, a thousand crystal chandeliers, and magnificent cupolas, the palace looks like it belongs to another age. While there, make the most of the luxurious massage, buy a drink at the gold bar vending machine, and chew on edible gold desserts.

2. Egypt

Egypt goes quite a long way, and it’s exhilarating to see the phenomenal land in person. One of the best ways to enjoy a luxury adventure in Egypt is to join an escorted tour, which will bring you all around Egypt while providing all the luxurious conveniences of modern life. Most luxurious tours allow you to custom-made the trip to meet your bucket list of places to see while in Egypt, so make sure you create a fulfilling list. Include Cairo, the Triumphant City, and of course, the Pyramids of Giza. Don’t forget the solar boat museum and the Royal Mummies Room at the Egyptian Museum.

For a secluded yet luxurious accommodation, book yourself into the Four Seasons Hotel in Sharm El Sheikh or the Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh, which are popular luxury resort hotels in the area.

Before you leave, take a luxury cruise along the Nile River. Famous for its historical significance and for being the longest river in the world, a Nile River cruise will give you a lot of time to take in and embrace the Middle Eastern scenery.

3. Israel

Overflowing with historical and religious significance, Israel offers quite a lot to the luxury traveler. For a modern and luxurious experience in Israel, go to the vibrant Tel Aviv, which represents the new Israel and boasts of several modernist style buildings. The UNESCO World Heritage site is like a huge Mediterranean resort offering long sandy beaches and lively bars.

While in Israel, don’t forget to visit Jerusalem, the cultural capital, and The Masada, which offers overlooking views of the Dead Sea. You may also want to check out the biblically significant Sea of Galilee.

4. Jordan

The desert kingdom of Jordan is a place you’ll never forget. Take an escorted tour of this historical and well-preserved ancient country for five days to a week and take in all the well-preserved ruins, the biblically significant attractions, and the ancient city of Petra, which is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Also check out Jerash, a Roman city with a huge hippodrome where you can watch re-enactments of ancient Roman battles and a classic chariot race. While there, don’t forget to see the Wadi Rum, desert the land of Lawrence of Arabia. And here’s something you shouldn’t miss: visit the Dead Sea spa. It’s the most authentic spa experience you’ll definitely have. Let the Dead Sea minerals wash over you and leave you feeling rejuvenated and renewed.