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Tokyo Airport Haneda Car Hire Quote

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Please Go To The Reception Desk In The Arrival Floor Of Apt 1 Or 2, 3-3-3, Haginaka, Ota-ku, Tokyo, Tokyo Haneda, 144-0047 (Japan)
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Please Go To The Reception Desk In The Arrival Floor Of Apt 1 Or 2, 3 3 3, Haginaka, Ota ku, Tokyo, 144 0047
Please Go To The Reception Desk In The Arrival Floor Of Apt 1 Or 2, 3 3 3, Haginaka, Ota ku, Tokyo, 144 0047
3 6 2 Haginaka, Ota ku, Tokyo, 144 0047
Tokyo Rail Station (7.1 miles)
Go To Times Car Rental Counter 1st Basement Floor At Tokuei Buildi, B1f At Tokuei Building5 33 7, Shiba, Minato ku, Tokyo, Tokyo, 108 0014
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1st Basement Floor At Bay Quarter Yokohama, 1 10 Kinko cho, Kanagawa ku
Yokohama (9.7 miles)
Please Go To The Mazda Counter 28 Yamashita Cho Naka, Yokohama, 231 0023
Please Go To The Mazda Counter, 9 166 1 Nagamono cho Naka ku, Yokohama, 231 0033
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Car Hire Tokyo Airport Haneda

Haneda airport is an international plane terminal. It is one of the main airports that serve the capital city of Japan. It is a hive of activities throughout the year serving about tens of millions passengers. It is also the third busiest terminal in the world, handling both domestic and overseas flights. Owing to the large number of departures and arrivals, several car rental companies are based here to provide services to travelers. If you are looking for cheap car hire Tokyo Airport Haneda then compare prices with us.

Finding a Car

There are many firms which offer car rentals in the airport. However, that does not mean that you will get one when you need it. The demand is always high as especially during the peak seasons. Therefore, you will need to rent a car as early as possible to avoid last minute inconveniences. You do not want to arrive at the airport after a tiresome journey only to be forced to wait for sometime before reaching your hotel. It is also very important to do a thorough research in the internet before choosing a particular car hire company.

Ensure that the firm you select is reliable and trustworthy. This is a lucrative business hence; you expect prices to vary significantly. Be on the lookout for the best deals. Lastly, do not wait to reach at Haneda airport, to choose the type of car you want; make sure you forward your preferences as you pay for the car. This will come in handy, especially if you are travelling with your family since you will need a spacious car. Car hire Tokyo Airport Haneda is the best way to view near by attractions.

Driving Rules in Haneda, Tokyo

  • As a foreigner, you will require an international driving permit. Get one in advance in your home country or you will be forced to hire a chauffeur from the car rental firms.
  • Always keep left. This will be difficult for some people and especially, if you keep right in your country of origin.
  • Although, your 17-year old son knows how to drive, you will be courting trouble if you allow him to ride the car on the streets of Tokyo.
  • On express ways, you can push the speed pedal all the way to 100km/h. However, you will have to slow down to 40km/h in the urban places and 30km/h in side paths.
  • You may need to hire a driver if you are drunk, since you will not reach your destination before the authorities catch up with you.

Tokyo is a great city with lots of interesting places to visit. By just strolling around the city, one cannot avoid to fall in love with the impeccable architecture, which adorns the town. Rent a car and enjoy your time in this city. Visit Meiji shrine, the famous Disneyland and Disney Sea among others.

Don't hesitate about exploring the local area and book your car hire Tokyo Airport Haneda with us today.

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