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Car Hire Kushiro Airport

Kushiro Airport is the main entry to the most populous city in the entire eastern Hokkaido. The airport handles a large number or arrivers and leavers every year and to cater to the travel needs of all people arriving into the city, there are several travel options available. Regardless of the many options at their disposal though, many travelers prefer using car hire to all the other means, which include:

  1. Airport bus shuttles that drop the visitors at their hotel rooms. Usually, such services are cheaper.
  2. Taxis are also just as expensive and to make it worse, taxi operators purposefully take advantage of foreigners by overcharging them.

Perhaps rent-a-car wins over the above-mentioned means because it is long-term, meaning that it does not only get you to your hotel room, but it will also get you anywhere you want to go in the city, for the duration that you had rented the vehicle. With car hire, there is almost no limit to how long you may rent out a car. It could be for a day, a week or even a month.

Car hire considerations to keep in mind

The first thing most people keep in mind when hiring a vehicle at Kushiro Airport is the amount of money they intend to spend on renting the automobile plus all other charges such as fuelling. You want something that will comfortably fit within your budget.

The second consideration is the type of vehicle they intend to rent. Some are looking to hire a sedan; others just want a Volkswagen Beetle while others will want an RV. It all depends on the number of occupants the vehicle is intended to carry as well as the model the customer feels most comfortable with.

Is the vehicle automatic or manually operated? This is another major consideration mostly overlooked by customers. Overlooking this runs the risk of being involved in an accident or getting stranded in the middle of your tours. Make sure you pick a car rental model that you are comfortable at Kushiro Airport with. Consider some add-ons that you may wish to have before leaving the car hire agency. Some may want want a child’s seat or an overhead luggage rack or a radio or any other addition.

Driving in Japan

  1. Perhaps the most notable thing to pay attention to when driving in Japan is that the traffic signs are in Japanese Kanji and so you may want to be conversant with this prior to renting a car at Kushiro Airport.
  2. Driving is on the left side
  3. Generally, roads here are rather narrow. Be careful

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