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10 of the Most Fun Cars You Can Hire on a Budget

Whether you’re on vacation with the family or on a business trip and need to get around an unfamiliar place, renting or hiring a car is always a viable choice. But with the right cars, they could be the fun choice too. [continue reading]

10 of the Ugliest Cars Ever Made

The most beautiful cars are always made with someone's creativity and innovation. So are the ugliest ones. Sometimes people come up with designs that look so awesome in their heads, and when they come out, other people look at the finished ... [continue reading]

27 Awesome Hot Rods in Pictures

To make a car go faster you can tune its engine or change its engine with something bigger. You can also change its engine with something really big, and that’s building a hot rod! [continue reading]

The Eagle Speedster : Possibly the Best Looking Car Ever Made

Take the Jaguar E-type and make it faster, have handle better and a sexier look. That's the Eagle Speedster. [continue reading]

10 of the Best Supercars Ever Made

No matter how indefinite the term "supercar" may have been throughout time, it’s one that people seem to completely understand. A supercar refers to the car that surpasses all other cars in its time in terms of performance. Let's take a loo... [continue reading]

10 of the Smallest Cars Produced in the Last 25 Years

Small cars are good choices for a lot of reasons. For one thing, parking them won't be as much of a nightmare. They're lighter too, so they tend to save more on gas than their larger counterparts. And although they may not have room for as ... [continue reading]

10 Epic Looking Concept Cars

Most concept cars are radical and come from the designers of many car brands. Unfortunately though, most will never be made as they are unfeasible or impossible to make. Nonetheless, here are some photos from some of the best concept cars r... [continue reading]