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Car Hire Argentina

Argentina has a varying and vast longitudinal spread, and hence the diverse culture all across the country as an attraction the tourists from all different parts of the globe. Tourism is amongst the biggest source of foreign exchange and hence you could have a fair amount of idea about the developed infrastructure and other incentives for the tourist.

Natural parks of Argentina

There are quite a large number of natural parks spread in different parts of the country. Government of Argentina has placed large stress on their expansion and growth, since these are amongst the major center of attraction for the tourists. According to travel reports, Argentina ranks first when it comes to being the possessor of best natural parks, with respect to the size and natural beauty they have to offer. To be precise, there are about ten natural parks in Argentina that have earned the ‘platinum’ status based on their liking by the tourists visiting. The top ones include the likes of Los Alerces National Park and Nahuel Huapi National Park.

Buenos Ayres- The 'capital'of rich heritage

Buenos Ayres has been one of the most popular tourist destinations in the history. It has a great deal of cultural heritage to offer to the visitors. Not only is Buenos Ayres rich in ancient buildings, forts etc but also has a place for diverse markets offering cultural items for sale.

Cordoba- another splendour!

In Cordoba you are assured to get an electrifying sight of different landscapes. It is rich in mystifying mountains and hill stations. It is a great chose for those living in chilly areas and could head to it in winter. All in all Argentina could be your ultimate way to go. And do not forget to break into Los Arrayanes National Park!

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