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Car Hire San Rafael Airport

San Rafael, located to the southern side of the great country of Argentina has a plethora of things that would be of interest to anyone. Being in a country with a rich sense of culture as well as history, the place has no lacking of interesting things to keep you on your toes throughout your visit of the place. With a hired car at your disposal, getting around the place would be an easy task. With all the attractions and activities the place has to offer, getting around in a hired car would be both convenient and efficient in letting you cover as many of these places as you’d like.

Some Must-see spots in San Rafael

Quite a number of attractions lie in this city that are as much a feast for the eyes as they are for your memory. They include:

  • The Saint Joseph Turismo Aventura. This is a sports complex that offers even the best of extreme water sports, so for the avid sports persons, this is one place you have to check out.
  • The Museo Historico Militar. This is a military museum that offers a rich history of some of the Argentine military.
  • Museo de Ciencia Natural. An exquisite museum that offers a lot of history.
  • Parque Las Tinajas

Other things to do in this city include:

  • Indulging in the Bosque Aereo Euca which is a fun place for grownups and kids alike. You get to play in nature under supervision and the highest safety standards.
  • Visiting the Bodega La Abeja which is an excellent winery for those who are avid fans of wine, even if they aren’t of sommelier class.
  • The underwater ocean exploration.
  • Sampling the area’s cuisine in their cafes and restaurants.

How to get around all these places

As earlier mentioned, having a rental car at your disposal would be the best option for you as well as your accompanying party. This is because having a rental car presents you with many benefits among them being:

  • Enjoying some privacy as you go about in your activities in the area, business or leisure.
  • Having some much deserved comfort throughout your journey that would have otherwise been kind of impossible to attain if you’d opted for public means of transport.
  • Having the authority to schedule your activities as you see fit since you have a ready means of transport at your disposal at all times.

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