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Car Hire Hanoi Noi Bai Airport

Hanoi Noi Bai airport is considered an integral part of the Vietnamese transport system. It services a large number of people, both local and international as such its presence is of very much importance.

Having arrived in this magnificent city, what better way to get around it than by having a car rental at your disposal. Having a hired car to cruise around in a foreign place such as this for those who want to tour is a good idea since it comes with a great many number of benefits.

Why choose to hire a car?

As earlier mentioned, having a rental car at your disposal would be ideal when touring a foreign place due to a number of reasons. The most obvious and apparent ones include:

  • The fact that you can enjoy privacy throughout your trip
  • It allows you the luxury of comfort as you go about the city.
  • You have your own means of transport that means you are self-reliant and don’t have to depend on slow and sometimes inconvenient public means of transport.

Attractions in Hanoi

  • The Bao Tung My Thaut Museum - This awesome museum features a lot of ancient art works and relics from both the city itself and its closely bordering towns.
  • The Vietnam Memorial Site - Located in a pretty old prison in which captured war prisoners were placed in.
  • The Van Mieu - Gains its fame for being the first educational institution to offer university studies in the area. The architecture involved with it is quite exquisite ergo a point of major interest.
  • The Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre - This place features water puppet shows that have been part of their culture for a very long time. A day can have more than 4 performances even.
  • The Old Quarter - This particular part of Han Noi Bai is quite the looker. It features a great number of streets and each street features a particular type of product be it clothing or herbs. One can particularly spend a lot of time and end up losing track of time due to the vastness and uniqueness of what they offer.

Nightlife in the city is also very active so for those looking to unwind in a great disco or nightclub, be assured you won’t be disappointed. So get your rental car ready and sample the city to the fullest.

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