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Car Hire Da Nang Airport

Rated as the third largest airport in the country, Da Nang Airport is located in the bang middle of the largest city in Vietnam. This airport has a number of amenities such as foreign exchange bureaus, cyber cafes, drug stores, Wi-Fi, malls, eateries and much more. One of the most buzzing businesses around here is car rental business. There are a few of them around Da Nang Airport and more within the city.

Security Measures at Da Nang

While Da Nang is a fairly safe city, there are always a few insecurity incidences just like in many towns around the world. As such, tourists should always have their security detail on alert. Here are a few tips do’s and don’ts in Da Nang;

  1. Do not leave the windows of your cars open. If you are using the services of a car hire, always ensure that you have the windows rolled up every time you are not in the car.
  2. Always have some money on you. While some high-end hotels and filling stations accept traveler’s cards, it is always advisable to always have the local currency on you at all times. While at it, avoid carrying chunks of cash, as this is a security threat.
  3. Avoid asking for directions from random strangers. The people in Da Nang are extremely polite and friendly. However, it is hard to tell between nice people and thugs because even thugs can be friendly when the situation demands. If you are stranded and need to ask for directions, you can call your rent a car agency and ask for directions.
  4. Always confirm the security of the interior and downtown parts of this city. Just like in many other places around the world, some interior parts of the city are not very safe. If you must go to downtown, leave your car rental at the hotel that you are staying and use a taxi.
  5. Have sufficient fuel when going out on the outskirts because you never know where you will find the next filling station. Having fuel run out on you in the middle of nowhere is not only embarrassing but also dangerous as far as your security is concerned.
  6. Avoid roaming the streets at night. While the nightlife in Da Nang is a buzz, it is advisable for you to be careful when moving around town at night. Just like anywhere else in the world, foreigners are easy to spot and can be a target. If you are using a car hire, you can ask the agency to provide you with a chauffeur.
  7. Be fluent with the road signs and traffic rules. The last thing you want to do while in Da Nang is to commit a traffic offence. The traffic cops here are a tad corrupt and may take you in circles if you do not believe in dishing out bribes.
  8. Always have a backup plan as far as transport is concerned. Sometimes your rental car can let you down in the middle of nowhere and in such instances, having a rescue number in your contacts can come in handy.

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