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10 of the Most Amazing Caves in the World

Caves are incredible places to visit when on a tour. Not all countries have caves so you have to be particular when choosing where to tour. Different caves have different experiences to offer which makes it important to make wise choices. T... [continue reading]

Visiting Yueyaquan : A Desert Oasis in China

China may be well known for its beautiful mountains, buzzing cities, and countless products, but a good portion of the country is actually a desert. In ancient times, the desert was part of the famous silk trade route that connected China w... [continue reading]

10 of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy

Italy is one of the top summer destinations in the world. This is when you need to spend most of the time outdoors because the temperatures are always high for an indoor setting. If there is a perfect place to spend your vacation in Italy t... [continue reading]

Bagan, Myanmar : Travelling to the Past

Most of the stunning places on earth are either the handy work of nature, modern architecture, or isolated pockets of early architecture where one can get a small glimpse of how life was centuries ago. However, there is one place where you’... [continue reading]

Salar De Uyuni - The Largest Salt Flat in the World

Recognized as the largest salt flat in the world, Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia provides some of the most breathtaking sceneries known to man. Photographers from all over the world trek to this magnificent place in the hopes of capturing the ma... [continue reading]

5 of the Most Popular Beaches in Thailand

The words tourism and Thailand are almost synonymous. Many people flock to Thailand every year to enjoy good food, great night life and extraordinary beaches. Although there are numerous beaches that are excellent for some sun and fun, here... [continue reading]

The Dolomites, Italy : One of the Most Beautiful Mountain Ranges

The Dolomites, a group of mountain ranges in the Italian Alps, is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Covering an area of almost 142,000 hectares, the Dolomites have 18 peaks that are over 3,000 meters high. The cliffs, valle... [continue reading]

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Vietnam

Vietnam is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia, with its colourful history and breathtaking natural beauty. With verdant fields in the northern part of the country and serene seascapes, it is no wonder why V... [continue reading]

5 of the Most Unusual Landscapes in the World

The world is such a marvellous place—there are plenty of breathtaking places in almost every corner of our planet. However, if you think you have seen almost every mountain, valley, or sea in the world and are feeling slightly bored, here a... [continue reading]

5 of the Most Photogenic Destinations in Europe

Europe is truly a travel photographer’s paradise, with hundreds of ancient cities and important historical structures that would make for great pictures no matter the angle one shoots from. If you are traveling across this marvellous contin... [continue reading]