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Car Hire Rostov On Don Airport

Located in the eastern part of the city, the Rostov-on-Don Airport handles millions of passengers annually. This international airport also holds thousands of metric tons freight and has a number of facilities such as a foreign exchange bureau, cafeterias, movie theatres, drug stores and so much more. Tourists who wish to have a private means of transport can book a rental car at one of the many agencies in the airport and the city too.

  1. The Rostov Musical Theatre - We all love music because it soothes a weary mind and relax the body. You will get a musical treat when you arrive in this city and visit the musical theatre. You will be thrilled by performances from live artists as you mingle and get autographs from your favorite performers. Do not forget to buy a few albums of your favorite acts while at it. There is plenty of parking here and you can be sure to secure a slot if you decide to roll in your hired car. You can grab your favorite drinks or snacks at the bars nearby and enjoy ballet and opera acts. Usually, the Rostov Musical Theatre operates in the months of June and September.
  2. The Eternal Flame Memorial - This is a historical site as it was erected in commemoration of Rostov military that landed in this city after Rostov’s liberation in 1941. This memorial site therefore creates a sense of patriotism and reverence to not only the locals but also all of Russia. If you enjoy history, this memorial will play a significant role in your visit here. You will find various activities going on here such as photography and you can snap a few photos to always remember your visit. During the tourist peak seasons in Rostov, this memorial site is usually packed and if you wish to savor the site without unnecessary distraction, you might want to visit during the off peak seasons.
  3. The Rostov Zoo - If you are an animal lover, the Rostov Zoo is another great place to visit. With more than 5,000 different animal species to boast, you can be sure of a wonderful and thrilling time here. This probably explains why it has been one of the most recognized zoos in Russia. Some of the animals that you expect to find here include the white Rhino, the pygmy hippopotamus, giraffe, Asian elephant, the tapir and many more. Hundreds of these animal varieties are jotted in the Red Book. While you can ride in your rental car to this zoo, park it at the parking lot and let the guides take it from there. Usually, tourists are taken around using tour vans and trucks that are four-wheel drive.
  4. Monastery of St Jacob - Located 30 kilometers from the Rostov-on-Don Airport, this historic cathedral provides a lot to learn. Considering that it dates as back as the 12th Century, you can be sure that there is a lot to see and learn here. The Monastery of St Jacob boasts a rich culture of art and architecture and this should be a bonus reason why you must prioritize this attractive site after you land in Rostov. There are also a few markets surrounding this site and that means that you can shop at the market and if you have a hired car, you can buy as many collections as you can from the surrounding markets.

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