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Car Hire Kuching Airport

Kuching airport is one of the largest and busiest airports in Malaysia. It is located about 11 KM from Kuching city center, and is responsible for serving all foreigners and locals alike flying into and out of the entire south western region of Sarawak. It has the capability and capacity to serve about 5 million travellers every year, but falls short of this number by about a million as it registers approximately 4 million visitors annually. In addition to serving civilians, it is also used by RMAF airbase in Kuching, making it multi-purpose and secure, to the convenience of the traveller.

Kuching airport offers comprehensive travel services especially to arriving visitors. As such, you are guaranteed of a ready and quick means of transport from the airport and into the city of Kuching. This can be via any means; the most common being taxis and busses. Car rentals too are quite popular, and for many good reasons. Companies make hiring a car easy, affordable and fast as they are well located in the airport and the city. Also, in a bid to keep up with dynamic changes in the industry, most of these dealers can be easily found online at any time of the day, every day, making it all the more convenient for you. When hiring a car, make sure you cover all fronts. As such, be sure to take factors like price, terms and conditions and the car’s condition into consideration.

Kuching is bound to prove very interesting to you as it hosts a lot of wonderful and interesting sights and activities. The most prominent of all are the cat statues. In Malaysian, Kuching means cat. As such, living up to its name, you will come across several marvelous cat statues around the city. You definitely cannot miss the cat fountain while cruising in your car rental around the city.

A trip to the ethnology museum, conspicuously located on top of a hill, will clear your perspective on ethnology, and will be an invaluable experience if you are one to marvel about global organization and grouping. To admire the city’s beauty and socialize with the friendly locals, make sure to visit the waterfront promenade. It is located between the Hotel Grand Margherita and the Indian mosque, and is characterized by a watery promenade surrounded by flowerbeds and lawns and paved walkways for easy and comfortable movement. A visit to Kuching, and Malaysia in general, would also be incomplete without partaking in activities like massages and spas which are located all over the city.

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