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Car Hire Egypt

Egypt is a Muslim country which is located in North Africa; it is famous for its history and unique landmarks. Egyptian culture is one of the oldest cultures and is preserved till now. Pyramids are the most re-known wonders of the world, built thousands of years ago and is still in the same design, they are considered as the greatest architecture ever made by human in history. Many historians say that it is still impossible to build such a huge architecture.

Another important element is there art and wall paintings which were design in the era of Pharoah, these paintings were design to show their traditions and rules which were followed at that time but one can still judge those rules through the pictorial flow. Their traditional music is a mixture of various ethnicities like western, eastern and African style. You can find ancient temple like Luxor, Karnak, Edfu and Dendera, which are famous for their unique and creative design. Luxor is known as the living museum with a huge number of ancient Egyptian shrines and monuments. Museums and royal parks will add more beauty to your visit.

Red Sea attractions are very well-known, as you can enjoy water sports and other sea related activities there. Sahara is again a total different experience for tourists; there are various tourism companies in Egypt who arranges desert tours. Cairo is a perfect city with all necessary attractions, ranging from top-class hotels to Shopping malls, bowling allies, spas and theme parks. River Nile has also many attractions including cruises, sailing and other water activities. The surrounded area is covered with beautiful valleys and nice sceneries. When it comes to spending a vacation, beach resorts is something which cannot be missed, so in Egypt you can find many warm beaches, they have around seven beach zones. Each zone has its own unique features.

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