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Car Hire Van Airport

Van Airport is a famous domestic airport in eastern Turkey, located in Van city. This city owns a very old history of mankind. According to some famous archaeological surveys and excavations, the roots of mankind settlement of this land started at least 5000 BC. Therefore, many visitors all around the year came to this city using Van Airport and other transport means.

Many tourist attractions are there to explore. It is not a small town; therefore, you must get a trusted source of transport, like a rental car for yourself to visit all the attractions swiftly. The followings are few very famous places to visit in Van city.

  • Van Museum - Museums are a true way of expressing the history and culture of any city. If you are into knowing the historical background of this city, head towards the Van Museum straight away. Here you can see an excellent collection of gold jewelry, red potteries, bronze artifacts, cuneiform tablets, Hakkari Stelae, manuscripts, glasses, and coins.
  • Van Kalesi - Other than Museum, there are dozens of historical buildings worth visiting. For example, Van Kalesi is one the oldest building located in this city. This stone fortification was first constructed back in 844-828 BC.
  • Castle Hosap - It is one of the best preserved castles in Van city. Turn your hired car toward this castle, a magnificent place. On the same route, you will find another castle named Castle Cavustepe which is older than first one, and not better preserved. However, for history lovers, both places have their own uniqueness.
  • Lake Van - It is the biggest lake in Turkey. Many nature lovers came to this city just because they want to visit this miraculous lake. It is a decent picnic spot for families. You may also taste the fish of Lake Van, because it is very delicious. It is also a heaven for swimmers. If you want to swim in this lake, you certainly can. It is also one of the safe and clean lakes of Turkey.
  • Eat and Shop - Eating local food, and shopping during vacation cannot be missed. There are several good shopping malls and restaurants all across the city where you can shop and eat with pleasure.

Even though, Van is not ranked among the most visiting places in the Turkey, but it is not neglected place either. As you realize that it is some very unique and historic values spreading throughout the city, you must hire a car or taxi from the airport and start visiting them one by one.

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