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Car Hire Adana Airport

Adana is situated at the southern part of Turkey. There are many palm trees to welcome the passengers. This area contains a wide range of desert flora. Adana Airport contains modern facilitates hat any passenger could have asked for. The view of landing airlines on the lands of Adana is something that must be praised. For the passengers, a car rental is a good choice. They guide you in the best manner. They provide the pickup and return services, as well.

Adana airport is not very big in size and mostly deals with local flights. The best way to handle during the rush hours is to get mixed in the rush and find your way, keep walking and do not wait. It is very helpful if you cram some important phrases in Turkish that are normally some basic questions. The airport is not too far away from the downtown. It is advised to opt for a car rental to go to the town.

The airport remains quiet during most of the time, and rush hours are just during the morning and evening times. Most of the flights are domestic. Adana Airport is a relatively modern airport as compared to those in other parts of the region. It contains separate terminals for domestic and international passengers. Most of the international passengers are willing to go to Mecca for the pilgrimage and to Cyprus. Security-staff and custom officers are not bad at all. They have soft and mild tone with a respectful behaviour. It never meant that they are lenient in their duty.

Adana Airport has English speaking officers. In most of the eastern countries, it is a major problem for the travellers that the staffs at the airports are not able to communicate fluently. In the case of Adana, this is not a problem and the staff can understand a speak English in a nice understandable way. There are many hotels near the airport. Normally the staffs at the hotels are very friendly and most importantly they also speak English. Rooms of the hotels are nicely furnished and have a suitable size. Car rental companies are fairly good with the quality service. They are recommended for the travellers rather than using public transport.

Adana Airport is much better than many of others in the middle-east. It presents a wonderful scene as there are Taurus Mountains in its background and on the other side there are sand beaches. That stretch miles upon miles.

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