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Car Hire Diyarbakyr Airport

Entering to Diyarbakir through Diyarbakir Airport means that you’re about to explore one of the most historically enriched cities of Turkey. Located on the River Tigris bank, Diyarbakir is one of the largest and oldest cities of southeast Turkey.

To visit this large city, you need to have some travelling surety. Landing at Diyarbakir Airport as an international tourist, you surely don’t have your own vehicle to travel in the city. Like many tourists, you can choose a rental car service for visiting the city attractions. This article will give you a few tips to save your money on renting a car.

  • When you are planning your visit to Diyarbakir, you must keep this renting thing in your mind. It would save you a lot of money, if you do proper search over the internet for all the car renting companies providing services in Diyarbakir. In this way, you will have an overview of the rates of companies providing car rental services at Diyarbakir Airport and in the city.
  • Search for the companies giving bonuses and discount packages on renting their car. Sometime you might get a place to live and rental car service from one company at discount rate.
  • If you have plans of staying more than 3 days, you can hire your car at once for the entire period of time. It is because, companies will give you a discount on renting for more than 3 days, which they will not offer and you have to pay extra on a daily basis.
  • Have insurance card with you which cover most of the insurances you need for renting a car. In this way, you can save money you have to spend on the company providing policies.
  • Try not to hire the car from Diyarbakir airport, because they might cost you more than other companies. It is because, they are bound to pay some extra taxes and fees to the government, plus they have to pay huge rent of their offices at the airport.
  • If you are an international visitor, you must get rates in international currency and local currency. It is because of some local companies tending to cost you more unknowingly, when you pay them in international currency. Therefore, watch out for the conversion thing.
  • Read the terms of the company from which you are hiring a car, so that you should be all aware of their hidden charges, if any.
  • Lastly, when you are returning the car, make sure you have got its fuel tank filled as it was when you hired the car. If you get failed to do so, they will cost you premium fuel price.

In brief, knowing about these little things can save your hard earning money. Just follow these simple tasks, and your trip will be far more convenient and cheaper at the same time.

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