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Car Hire Hatay Airport

Either you want to visit Antakya or Iskederun, you will fly in through Hatay Airport. This airport is 25 km away from Antakya and around 45 Km from Iskenderun. Whether coming as a visitor or businessman, most people prefer to hire a car from the Hatay Airport as a plan of their in city travelling. Mostly, this process of hiring a car is very easy, but perhaps not always very simple. This article will point out a few critical points of this process and their solutions as well.

  • At Hatay Airport and its nearby area, many renting car companies are providing their services every day. To attract customers, many companies come up with the advertisement of minimum rental charges, which at first glance look very attractive. However, it is not wise to choose a car service just because of their price. If they are charging you less than others, then it means that they are cutting a few things out of your deal for sure. That could be your insurance or maybe providing you with unfit car. Therefore, visit few companies and ask for their terms and conditions along with rates. After getting all the necessary information, analyze them and go for the best available.
  • Sometime, car companies have some hidden charges that they are going to charge through your credit card. Most of the times, people don’t notice it and end up with higher paid car service. Therefore, it is mandatory to read all the terms and conditions carefully. Few minute spending on this thing can save your hard earning money.
  • For those people who book their cars well before landing at the Hatay Airport through email or phone. However, when they land, the company didn’t offer them for what they had promised. In this case, you can ask them to pay your initial deposit back, if any. However, most of the cases, company gives you an alternative that suits with your initial commitment, but if you are not agree to go further with this company, it is easy to terminate the contract. If the company is refusing to do so, even they are at fault; it is not problematic to find an authority at the airport that will help you dissolving these kinds of issues.

In short, bad things can happen to anyone anytime. However, in general, rental car companies are much better way of selecting a travelling partner for getting around in cities.

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