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Car Hire Goreme

Visitors can enjoy many activities in Goreme village. Lovers of art and history will enjoy the open-air museum, which has been designated as a world heritage site by UNESCO. The museum is a jewel because it contains a lot of history that has been preserved over a long time. Visitors can also enjoy cruising around the valleys in rental cars. However, the must-do activity is taking the hot air balloon trips within Goreme and beyond.

It is always advisable to book a space in advance as both visitors and locals usually overbook this activity. Ballooning is an expensive activity but you can negotiate for a discount or alternatively, book the balloons as a group. There are various tailor-made travel itineraries specifically for visitors who are visiting Goreme for the first time.

Car hire in Goreme

Once you arrive at the Goreme Airport, you will find many car hire companies that are affordable and readily available. Look for the most well known companies like Heltz and others It is therefore wise to ask around and settle for the most convenient and reputable car hire company. Public means are not highly advisable here especially for first time visitors. A rented car allows you to enjoy your own privacy as you traverse through the many attraction sites there are in this place.

When renting a car here, insist on the following:

  1. Variety of packages
  2. Discounts for all packages
  3. Mileage payment
  4. Reputation of the rental company

Factors to consider when hiring a car in Goreme

With various secure parking lots within the town, car hire becomes a convenient means of transport for visitors in this town. The traffic is manageable and a bit slow during rush hour. It is important to research on the best rental companies in town as there are many companies that offer such services. Other factors to observe include;

  • Ensure that you have the company’s office number
  • Always observe the driving rules as per the Goreme traffic laws
  • Ensure that any dents and scratches are noted by the company
  • Be conversant with the policy rules
  • Ensure that all features such as the AC, gear, emergency brakes and rear mirror are functioning properly. Always remember that once you sign the contract, you are liable for any damages, dents, scratches and dysfunctional features that are not recorded by the car rental company.

After you have your car, you are free to tour different places at your leisure. You can stop when you wish and drive when you want. It is your car for the entire lease period.

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