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Car Hire Khao Lak

Perhaps it is the provincial ordinance that states buildings should be no taller than palm trees, or it is the nighttime environment that is so friendly, or perhaps it is the quiet hidden beaches off the coast… whatever it is that gives Khao Lak its allure is what makes it such a grand tourist destination. Like any other popular tourist destination, there are many rent a car agencies available for all the visitors who wish to make the most of their visit by touring the town and its environs using a car rental rather than opting for other means of transport.

Why Opt For Car Hire?

Why do many visitors to Khao Lak find it more preferable to use car hire as compared to any other means of transport such as taxi or even buses?

  • Compared to taxi service, hiring a rental car is much cheaper.
  • Whereas public transport is dictated by schedules in terms of routes and even travel times; with your own personal vehicle you get to plan your own schedule.
  • Not all routes are plied by public transport means; car rental allows you see and do more by giving you access to more places.
  • It is convenient when visiting with the family or with a large group of people.

Driving in Khao Lak

Renting a vehicle has its proven advantages, but it is not just a simple as walking into any agency and picking the car rental of your choice. You have to be conversant with the road rules and regulations of the land so that you are not caught on the wrong side of the law. What are some of the things to keep in mind when driving in Thailand?

  1. First off, cars with red number plates are not allowed on the road at night. You might want to consider this when picking out a car rental.
  2. To be eligible for driving on the Thai roads, you have to be above 18 years of age and have a valid international driver’s license.
  3. All drivers must have third party insurance cover
  4. While driving around, always have your driver’s license as well as the vehicle’s registration documents.
  5. Front seat belts should always be fitted and worn.
  6. No, you do not have to use children’s car seats
  7. If you come across tree branches laid on the road in Khao Lak, this could be an alert that there is a breakdown some distance ahead.
  8. Alcohol limit is 0. 5g/liter of blood. But for new drivers (those who have held their license for less than 5 years) this limit is 0. 2g/liter.

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