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Car Hire Chiang Mai Airport

Chiang Mai airport is an international airport located in Thailand. In a year, the airport welcomes more than 2 million people. The advantage with this airport is that it has a wide range of facilities that visitors can enjoy. By car, you will spend 10 minutes to reach the city centre. The international airport has international and domestic terminals and they are housed in a single building. There are a number of means of transport that visitors can utilize to reach their destination on arrival at the airport. If you are looking for cheap car hire Chiang Mai Airport then compare prices with us.

For some people, picking up the rental car is all that matters. They do not remember to look at the return policy. As a result, they end up incurring more expenses. With car rentals Chiang Mai airport, you need to refuel the car to the same capacity that you picked it in. in this case, avoid the prepaid gas plans by refilling the tank before dropping off the car. This way, you will only pay for what you have already used. Note that gas stations that are close to airports are expensive. Therefore, refill the car while you are miles away from Chiang Mai airport. By searching in the internet, it is possible to locate the stations that are offering the lowest prices in the locality.

Unlike what many would expect, you will incur additional expenses if you return the car early. The fee is called early return fee. It is even worse when the rates change. This is because that difference becomes your responsibility. On the other hand, you will incur a lateness fee for returning the vehicle late. Most of the car rentals at Chiang Mai airport give an allowance of 30 minutes. After that, they start racking up the late fee. Car hire Chiang Mai Airport is the best way to view near by attractions.

As you leave the car, check thoroughly to ensure that no personal belongings are left there. Remember to check the trunk too, and some of the articles that people tend to leave include sunglasses, umbrellas, and cell phones. The check-in attendants need to inspect the car. This way, you are able to agree on any damages. The rental agreement that is provided by car rental Chiang Mai airport is of great importance because you will be well informed about every charge. You must not leave before ensuring that the deposit that you make is credited to your account.

Rental cars are a great option owing to the flexibility and freedom that they offer.

Don't hesitate about exploring the local area and book your car hire Chiang Mai Airport with us today.

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