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Car Hire Lahore

Lahore is the capital city of the Punjab province. Upon your arrival to this city, it is wise to lease a car so that you can easily travel from place to place in Lahore.

Attractions in Lahore

Lahore is one of the most interesting cities to visit in Pakistan. It is the second largest city in Pakistan after Karachi. It has cultural attractions that every visitor loves. The following are the places you can tour in Lahore.

  • The Walled City  – If you love exploring architecture and history, then you must check out the walled city of Lahore. This is the oldest port in this city and it comprises of the best architectural attractions in Pakistan. They include the Badshahi mosque, the Lahore Fort and several faded legacies of the British era. The Walled City as has several palaces and shrines.
  • Museums – The crowning glory of Lahore is its rich past and the best way to have an insight into it is to tour its famous museums in your rental car. One of the museums you can visit is the Lahore Museum. It was established in 1864 and has a large collection of Buddhist artifacts from the Gandhara periods. You will also be impressed by the array of old manuscripts, Islamic art objects and costumes. The other museum you can visit is the Shakir Ali Museum, which preserves numerous paintings and other works of art created by Shakir Ali, a great Pakistani artist. The works of several other artists are also exhibited in this museum. The other museums that you can visit are the Mughal Museum and the Pakistan Museum of Puppetry.
  • Restaurants – There are many upscale restaurants in Lahore where you can enjoy fine dining. Street food courts and mid range cafes are also available and they are great places to eat at if you want to taste local foods.
  • Shopping – As you tour Lahore, you can purchase souvenirs. The markets in this city have their own charisma and you can spend time shopping for souvenirs and handicrafts. Ichra Bazaar is reputed for offering high quality unstitched silk items. Another famous shopping area is the Anarkali Bazaar. You can also shop at the Xinhua Mall if you wish to buy branded items.
  • Parks – The other attractions in Lahore are its parks. One of the well known parks in this city is Jallo Park. It is a large, drive in a park that has a man made lake and a zoo. Hiran Minar is also popular.

You can tour Lahore conveniently in a rental car. To get the best deal, you can gather information about the car hire companies that lease cars in Lahore and compare their rates.

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