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Car Hire Lusaka International Airport

Also known as Kenneth Kaunda Airport, Lusaka International Airport is the main airport serving the city of Lusaka in Zambia. It connects local flights from the city to other parts of the country as well as international flights in southern Africa and overseas. This airport receives thousands of tourists annually who come to explore the city and discover some of the attractions it houses.

Within the airport terminal are a number of car rental companies which offer affordable vehicles to travel around in. The best option to rent a car is doing it online and have the vehicle waiting for you at the terminal.

Attractions in Lusaka

As long as you stick to the road rules of the country, driving your car rental around should not be a problem. As you hunt for some tourist hot spots, here are a few you will definitely have a blast exploring them.

  • Kalimba Reptile Park - this park is just one hour drive from the main city in your car rental. It is purely a reptile conservative with only snake crocodiles and tortoises being read in the park. There are other activities you can indulge in the park like fishing, buying crocodile products and swimming; in a croc-free pool.
  • Lilayi Elephant Orphanage - this orphanage was created on 650 ha property that belongs to the Lilayi Lodge. This is an elephant rescue orphanage that saves young calves that were left wondering when they lost their parents to natural death or poaching. The little Tuskers is rehabilitated in the orphanage until they are old enough to be released to the wild and mingle with other larger elephants.
  • Chaminuka game park - this is a mini park just a few minutes outside the city which houses a number of wild animals. The animals are caged though, and here you can see lots of zebras, kudus, antelopes and lions.
  • Cheese tasting spree - still within the Chaminuka game drive, you can take a stroll around the park’s center and view the lovely art works displayed there; which are up for buying. The art collection depicts the 20 year event on the park and created by artists who have worked in the park before. Then later you can engage in some cheese tasting session; sampling cheese that is freshly made within the game park’s grounds.

Lusaka has many other attractions you can easily drive to in your car rental and explore them.

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