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Sana'a International Airport, Sana'a, 3072 (Yemen)
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Car Hire Sana'a Airport

This is an airport that serves the capital city of Yemen, Sana’a. It also goes by the name El Rahaba and is one of the airports that ferries thousands of tourists into Yemen’s beautiful attractions. There are plenty of transport options for the arriving tourists which include shuttle buses, taxis or car rentals within the terminal.

All means of transport are convenient to get around the Yemen capital, however, nothing gives you more freedom than a hired car. You will only need to handle the fuel costs and emergency servicing but you have the will to drive to wherever you want to; and even spend as much time as you want from attraction to attraction.

Sana’a Tourist Hotspots

Yemen is not easily forgotten with the several attractions hidden within the city. In your convenient car rental, you can easily find your way to these hotspots, learn something about them and have a good time while at it.

  • The City Museum of Crafts - this may not be the city’s main museum, but it houses a number of art and craft pieces which can be showcased. Besides that, the museum also has a nice depiction of how life in the old town was in the ancient times. It will surprise you that this used to be an Old Imam’s house.
  • The Army Museum - this is another great museum that will teach you of the military past of the town. One disclaimer though, is that you will have to learn some Arabic before entering the building. Everything is labeled and explained in Arabic, which may at times get you lost or leaves you to your imagination.
  • Bayt Baws - this used to be an old village that lived in the cliffs located to the south of Sana’a. It’s a short drive in your car rental to locate this village that used to be habited until it was abandoned in the late 90s. The local dwellers that used to live here apparently sold their land for development and got compensated elsewhere.
  • Bab El Yaman - this is a gate located in the old city. It has been in existed since the 14 century and was used to welcome outsiders to the charm of the old city. One glance at this old gate and the city it represents will definitely bring back those Ali Baba tales from your childhood.

Make sure to discover more attractions in your car rental before you leave the beautiful city of Sana’a.

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