Top 37 Things to Remember When Traveling (Part 2 of 3)

Top 37 Things to Remember When Traveling (Part 2 of 3)

Reduce the hassle and frustration involved in travel by traveling smart. The key to stress-free holidays is to take heed of the small things and to think practically.

Here are more tips for enjoying your travels in the future. If you haven't already read part one of this article you can read it here first.

14. The guide book and tap water.

When the guide book you bought for research into your travel destination says that the local tap water is not recommended for drinking, then do not drink the tap water. There might be parasites in the water, which could lead to diseases that will ruin your holiday.

15. Ice should be out of the question.

Sadly, ice is made from local tap water. If you have serious doubt about the quality of the water in your destination, make sure not to ask for drinks that use ice.

16. Put a pair of scissors in your check-in.

A pair of scissors can come in handy in a lot of situations. However, if you put it in your carry-on, airport security might confiscate it.

17. Set an alarm for your medication.

Make sure to set an alarm when you need to take medication of any sort. You can use your mobile phone to do this.

18. Black swimsuits.

While you might want to bring pretty swimsuits (especially for the girls), a simple one in solid black is perfect for different occasions, including white water rafting and spontaneous surfing lessons.

19. Opt for sun-kissed, not sunburnt.

Even if you are wearing a thick layer of sunscreen all over your body (including your scalp), staying out in the sun after 10 AM—especially in destinations near the equator—can be dangerous for your skin.

20. Look out for your mobile phone.

And never leave your expensive smart phone lying on your table. You might end up spending the rest of your holiday stressing over lost phone contacts and possibly stolen information.

21. Empty plastic bags can save the day.

These bags can be useful in packing wet clothes and towels, or separate your dirty laundry from the rest of the items in your luggage.

22. Bring two credit cards.

A second credit card can come in handy if you lose the other one (or max out the limit), and still enjoy the rest of your holiday.

23. Buy a local SIM card.

This can help you avoid problems with your phone bill when you get back home. You can also avail of international prepaid plans from your mobile service provider.

24. Turn your old phone into a travel phone.

Mobile phones are one of the first casualties of traveling—make sure to use your old and working phone whenever you travel to avoid the loss or damage of your current phone.

25. Be healthy.

Do not forget to eat your fruits and vegetables even when you are enjoying the fatty, sugary, and cholesterol-filled delights of most local cuisine. Getting sick is the last thing you want when you are on vacation.