8 Things Not to Wear When Traveling Overseas

8 Things Not to Wear When Traveling Overseas

Nobody consciously wants to stand out like a tourist when traveling overseas—and nothing can give you away faster than the clothes you are wearing. Here are a couple of items that you should not pack in your suitcase in your next trip abroad.

Immodest clothes

If you are traveling to a country where the locals are conservative and deeply religious, ten sleeveless tops, miniskirts, shorts, plunging necklines, and too-sheer clothing might be frowned upon—especially if you are entering a sacred place like a church, temple, or mosque. Lightweight pants and skirts are your best bet. Women, just in case, should also bring a shawl or large scarf in their bags to cover up their shoulders or torsos. Button-up or high-necked shirts with sleeves are ideal for men (nobody wants to see your chest hair). Some religious places deny entry to those dressed in immodest attire.

Open-toed shoes and sneakers

Europeans—especially Italians and Spaniards—frown upon people wearing sneakers outside of sporting activities. Comfortable leather walking shoes are recommended for those visiting Europe, but these shoes can also function as a part of a smart casual ensemble in a more sartorially relaxed country. Make sure that your shoes are in good shape and are polished. Crocs, New Balance sneakers, and Birkenstocks are a sure sign that you are a tourist on a holiday.

On the other hand, sandals and flip-flops might be great for the beach, but they are not recommended in areas where you have to walk through unsafe areas. Also, exposed feet can also beckon insect bites and cuts.


Shorts are extremely comfortable for a wide variety of activities, but many cultures do not wear shorts to walk around their own towns. Save your shorts for the beach and sports activities.

Eye-catching bling

If you have some sort of attachment for your jewellery and watches, then do not wear them overseas. You might get robbed, and chances are, you do not need to impress anyone during your trip.

Clothes with possibly offensive words and symbols

Plain clothes are perfect for traveling abroad, because the chances of offending anyone with religious or military symbols, national flags, curse words, and hand gestures on your clothing are significantly low.

Attention-grabbing colours and prints

Neutral colours such as black, white, gray, navy, and brown will allow you to blend in almost everywhere. Loud prints and colours draw attention to yourself.

Ratty or baggy jeans

Jeans are extremely comfortable, but ripped and baggy jeans are not as fashion-forward as you think. To be safe, bring along wrinkle-free and well-fitting jeans in black or a darker wash. Skinny jeans might stick out like a sore thumb, too.

Cameras around the neck

You are undeniably a tourist if you do this. If you want to take pictures while exploring your destination, then keep your camera in an easily accessible compartment of your bag. Plus, you run the risk of being robbed or taken advantage of when you have your camera around your neck like an heirloom necklace.