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Car Hire Gimpo Airport

For a long time Gimpo Airport (GMP) was the only international airport in South Korea. Just before 2001, it was considered as the main airport in this country. Its official name is the Gimpo International Airport.

Formerly known as the Kimpo International Airport, this airport situated just 15 kilometers away from the central district of Seoul. It was built in 1942 and played an important role in the Korean War. After the end of the war, it has been redesigned into a passenger airport in 1958. Every year, more than 19 million people arrive in this airport, making it the third busiest in South Korea. From the airport, car hire, public bus, and metro service are available in Seoul.

Gimpo airport facilities

Gimpo International Airport has a capacity to handle 226,000 flights annually. There are three terminals in this airport, among them one is a cargo terminal. There are also two runways. Because of the location of this airport, it has superior travel facilities than other airports. From the airport agents, passengers can get a car hire, they can also catch the public bus.

There is also a special subway line which has connected the airport to the Gangnam area with an extension to Seoul Station. From the bust stoppage, buses are available at 10-15 minute interval. In the arrival and departure lounge, there are duty free shopping facilities.

The airport is also equipped with internet service, restroom and viewing desks. The airport has mostly domestic flights to Busan, Jeju, Gwangju, Pohang, Scheon, Yeosu, and Ulsan. There are few international flights to neighboring countries like China (Beijing). Direct international flights to Europe and other countries are very limited.

Travel destinations

Most of the passengers that arrive in Gimpo Airport are domestic passengers. This airport has connected the Seol with different regional locations and tourist spots. Mostly, students, tourists, and domestic visitors utilize this airport. If you want to visit the charming areas of Busan, Jeju, Pohang or Ulsan then this airport is the first step of your journey.

Citizens of the neighboring China also utilize this airport more than others because it has direct flights to Taipei and Beijing. The airport has road communication with other airports of South Korea, which makes flight switching comfortable for the passengers too. The distance of the Seoul central district is very short, therefore you could get a car hire service to reach your destination or your hotel.

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