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Car Hire Riyadh Airport

Riyadh Airport originally known as King Khalid International Airport is located in Saudi Arabia, north side of Riyadh. This is a giant airport built by Arabian Bechtel Company Limited on the behalf of Saudi government. It has four passenger terminals, a mosque, a Royal terminal, two parallel runways, parking space for more than 11,000 cars and the world’s largest central control tower. At the parking space, the passenger coming out of the airport can hire a car to go into the city. The two parallel runways are each of 4260 meters long. NASA had chosen this airport as an alternative landing site for the space shuttle.

Terminals at Riyadh Airport

There are total four terminals and each serve a specific purpose. All the international flights from Europe, South America, and U. S operate on terminal 1. Terminal 2 operates for international flights of Saudia, Air France, Korean Air, Middle East Airlines, and Nas Air. Terminal 3 is dedicated for domestic flights. Terminal 4 is for now unused. It is under development. Riyadh Airport also has special terminals called royal terminal and general aviation terminal. The royal terminal is dedicated to high-ranking visitors such as Heads of the state and VIP visitors to the Saudi Arabia. It has fountains and garden areas. The geometry and design of the building resembles to the Mediterranean architecture and has aesthetic value. On the other hand General aviation terminal includes passenger terminal, maintenance facilities, aircraft parking, car to hire services and parking for visitors.

There are number tourist attractions at Riyadh. From Riyadh Airport, one can hire a car and reach these places. Masmak fort, symbolizes the old Riyadh, its origins and remains. This fortress built by King Abdul Aziz after the recon quest of Riyadh. The monument is preserved very well. After series of renovations, now the fortress looks like new one. Building inside, recounts the old glory of Riyadh. Also fascinating photos show the greatness of Sauda dynasty in all aspects such as Agriculture and education. Next tourist attraction is the Murabba Palace. This is another old mud brick palace constructed by King Abdul Aziz. The sightings inside include the pictures of first royal Rolls Royce. Other destinations you can visit in Riyadh are National Museum, As Sufaat, and Kingdom Centre.

The city has golf courses. The popular ones are Conty club and Dirab Golf, which are about 30 minutes’ drive from Riyadh Airport. One can easily reach here with a rental car. One can also go for swimming, horseback riding, and play tennis near the place. There are also huge shopping malls such as Al Faisaliah and Al Mamlaka.

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