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King Abdulaziz Street, Khobar (Saudi Arabia)
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Car Hire Al Khobar

Saudi Arabia is the most sacred land for the Muslims. It has a rich cultural and historical history. The Arabian traditions are still alive with some modern blend with the passage of time. Al Khobar is the modern city located on the coastal area of Saudi Arabia. This city is famous for the port of Dhahran. You can hire a car and enter the city from Dhahram Street. With the passage of time, it has become an important trade hub and commercial centre of Saudi Arabia. This city is famous for its shopping centres, malls and restaurants. It is a real paradise for the tourists who love to shop and enjoy the busy life of the city.

It will be suitable to hire a car to get rid of the public transportation and bus- routes and schedules. It always saves time, and you get the opportunity to make the most of your trip. Al Khobar is full of the buildings and plazas reserved for shops. Being a huge trade hub, it has all sorts of shops. There are small stalls and huge shopping malls. Yu can visit ultra-modern super malls if you want to.

You can see the diversity in the population of the city. Most of them come from South-Asia to earn their livings. Pakistanis, Indians, Sri Lankans and Bangladeshis are commonly seen in the city.

The most amazing place to visit in Al Khobar is the King Fahad Causeway. It connects the city to the island of Bahrain. This highway is a miracle of engineering. There is an island right in the middle of the bridge. This island is used by the custom officers to undertake the inspection of the travellers. The highway consists of two parts. One part starts from Al Khobar and leads to Umm al Nasaan Island in Bahrain. From here the second part starts and leads to the main island of Bahrain. Hire a car in order to experience the romance of travelling on this wonderful highway.

Do not forget to visit Dhahran Street. It is the main road leading into the city of Al Khobar. It is a very busy street. If you hire a car, remain careful while driving on this street. Side streets are also full of shops, and there are a number of restaurants.

If you are crazy about café, the do not forget to try Casablanca Café. It has a cool interior. Remember that use of alcohol is not allowed in Saudi Arabia, so do not expect something like wine or Champaign.

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