Top 5 Offbeat Romantic Destinations

Are you tired of going to the same romantic destinations? Are you looking for a new destination where you can be romantic with your partner? The usual romantic destinations often remain very crowded and they may not be able to satisfy the needs and demands of all couples.

Destinations such as Paris, Greece or the Caribbean do not always provide couples with the thrill, fun and enthusiasm they expect from a holiday. This is why, many couples look for alternate destinations where they can enjoy their romantic vacations. There are quite a few places around the world which are not very crowded and these destinations can be a lot of fun for couples.

Here are 5 offbeat romantic destinations:

Costa Rica

Costa Rica Romance

Costa Rica is a beautiful country situated in Central America. The country is known for its natural beauty and diverse wildlife. Couples, who enjoy being in proximity with nature, will surely enjoy travelling to Costa Rica for a romantic vacation. Due to its unique location and geographic condition, the country has an environment which is conductive for the sustenance and survival of exotic plants and animals. Students, ecologists, nature enthusiasts and people from all walks of life visit this country to experience the celestial pleasure of being in the midst of unadulterated nature.

There are about 27 national parks in the country which can be visited by nature loving couples.


Butan Romance

If you want to travel to a beautiful mountainous destination which is not overcrowded with tourists, you should surely visit Bhutan. The Kingdom of Bhutan is situated in Asia and it is a landlocked country surrounded by its neighbors, India and China. The people there follow a very austere and simple way of life, based on their traditions and the teachings of Buddhism.

The people live in their humble homes and work mainly in the beautiful fields, surrounding the scenic mountains and hills. Observing their way of life and interacting with them will be a great experience for couples. The country is very mountainous and has many hills, mountains, valleys, forests and rivers known for their scenic beauty.


Turkey Romance

Turkey is usually not the first choice for people going on romantic vacations. It is a country which serves as a bridge between the west and the east, and is known for its culture and way of life. Being one of the only secular countries in the Muslim world, the country has a unique environment which makes it interesting to tourists. It will be an ideal offbeat romantic destination for couples who would want to visit a place which is known for its history and culture. The country is home to many beautiful mosques, heritage sites, sea beaches, museums and other interesting places.

It is also home to the ruins of the ancient city of Troy.


Dubai Romance

If you are looking for a destination where you can enjoy all the luxuries that money can buy, you should surely travel to Dubai. Dubai is one of the most advanced cities in the world and the architecture and sky line that you can see in this city is spectacular.

The city is known for its avenues of shopping, luxury, futuristic architecture, this is the image of Dubai, but the city also has a cultural heritage which you can explore and get seduced by the haunting flavors of Arabia and the courtesy of its people, who are very tolerant and welcoming.


China Romance

Apart from being an economic superpower, China is also a country which is home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world. It is a huge country which is many tourist attractions.

Couples, looking for an exotic oriental destination, will love traveling to China.