Best Places to Drop the Big Question: Will You Marry Me?

Best Places to Drop the Big Question: Will You Marry Me?

Which places can beat the romantic atmosphere of Paris? If you’re seeking for a non-cliché way of asking her for marriage, these are the 7 most romantic cities across the globe.

When girls daydream about their ideal marriage proposal or they imagine the most romantic place to be with their prince charming, the setting that is often picked is Paris. Yes, the majestic beauty of this city is truly captivating but this is not the only place in the planet where real-life romance can happen. Where else? Here are the best picks.


What to Do:The gondola ride is a popular choice because of the routes which will enable you to enjoy scenic spots. If you want to tame down the touristy feel, you might want to try out the water taxi too which will put you and your special someone in the right mood and atmosphere for some loving.

Getting There: From the Venice Airport, you can directly take a water taxi ride to be able to witness the beauty of the Grand Canal and the Rialto Bridge.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

What to Do: A place that is built all because of undying love, Angkor Wat is a really heart-warming place. Spend an afternoon at Siem Reap and before night falls, propose to your beloved lady while you both are encapsulated within the stunning architecture of Anchor Wat. Then, finish off the night by having dinner in one of the luxurious French-Khmer restaurants nearby.

Getting There: From the Siem Reap Airport, it only takes about 30 to 40 minutes of drive to get to Ankor Wat.

Phuket, Thailand

What to Do: The best option in Phuket is to enjoy the pristine beaches. Their sandy shores are unlike any other because of how perfectly it blends with the crystal blue water.

Getting There: For air travel, there are flights which land directly to Phuket International Airport. There are also buses which go to Phuket from Bangkok.

Times Square, New York

What to Do: Without a doubt, the New Year’s Eve at Time’s Square New York sets the right mood not just for some smooching but also for dropping the big question. Either check-in to one of the hotels and enjoy the indoor New Year party or enjoy the cool weather outside.

Getting There: Parking around Manhattan is quite a challenge so the best option is to take the subway or bus (routes M20, M16, M104, M7).

Kyoto, Japan

What to Do: Visit this place during the time when cherry blossoms decorate the streets with its dainty beauty. Of course, there is also the Kyoto Botanical Garden with its picturesque surroundings.

Getting There: The easiest way to get to Kyoto is by plane ride which will take you to Kansai International Airport.

Bruges, Belgium

What to Do: If you want your lady to feel like a real princess, then a carriage ride during a pleasant summer afternoon or a cool and misty night would be perfect. Stroll along the streets and feast your eyes on the magnificent architecture which surrounds you.

Getting There: The nearest airport is the Ostend-Bruges International Airport.