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Car Hire Cuzco

As a central transportation hub in Peru, Cuzco draws the attention of both leisure and business travelers. The city can be easily reached by air and ground transportation modes. Though the airport does not operate direct international flights it does a lot of business throughout the year connecting flights from Peru’s famous international airport in Lima. Ground transportation from Cuzco facilitates travel to many important Peruvian cities like Puno, Lima, Arequipa and even the Amazon Basin.

Getting around Cuzco

The city-center has an intricate infrastructure, thus making walking the best method of travelling within it. Many of the hottest attractions in the city can be easily reached on foot as they are located in very close proximity to the Plaza de Amas City Centre. Though taxis are found in abundance in the region, many visitors approach them with caution. If you are getting into an unmetered taxi in Cuzco make sure you have agreed on the rate as some drivers tend to overcharge outsiders who are new to the city. Do not hesitate to negotiate as it is the general practice before getting into a taxi.

Hire cars are also popular in this area as many people use Cuzco as an interim base in their travel itinerary in Peru. A rental car provides them the freedom of mobility and quickness in reaching different destinations. Rental cars are also preferred by elderly travelers who can easily tire from the strenuous walk in the city as a result of high altitude and steep walkways. The daring and adventurous have the opportunity of taking an exhilarating trek right up to Q’enko and Sacsavhuaman ruins in the outskirts of Cuzco.

Tranvia rides are also popular in this region. A modern invention resembling olden days, streetcars pulled by mules a ride in a tranvian is sure to give you pleasurable memories of Cuzco. There is a fixed schedule for tranvian rides departing from the Plaza de Amas. Micro and Combi buses make up the local public transportation system. Though it is the cheapest way of transportation in the city it is not the fastest or the most convenient way to travel.

Advantages of a hire car

A rental car will easily take you to most destinations in and around the city as you follow your own timetable. A hire car helps you to set a slower pace to absorb the beauty of nearby mountain villages across Sacred Valley. Cuzco is also the most convenient hub to rent-a-car as there are more competitive options. Road conditions are, however, sub-standard in most areas and drivers are cautioned to look out for potholes and rocky paths.

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