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Car Hire Arequipa

Arequipa in Peru nestles at the foot of a stunning snow capped volcanic cone. The B Misti volcanic mountain which stands atop a magnificent valley is one of the best attractions for those visiting Arequipa. Like many other places in Peru this beautiful city with ancient Spanish buildings, a rich heritage and culture is a place to be absorbed at leisure. This is one of the main reasons that many people visiting Arequipa and its surrounding regions prefer to travel in their own cars or hire cars.

Getting into the city

The closest airport to the city is Areopuerto Rodriquez Ballon which is located about 30 to 40 minutes away from the city. Visitors are served comprehensively at this international airport, including the services of hotel accommodation, transport, car rentals, etc. Popular ground transportation in the region is through taxis, hire cars and local buses which are known as combis. Though taxis and buses provide a comparatively cheaper option for travelling in Peru they are not the most popular. Taxis do not have meters and hence foreign visitors are wary of hailing cabs and having to pay higher amounts at the end of their travel.

Getting around Arequipa

Being a relatively smaller city many important hub in the vicinity can be accessed on foot, bus or taxi. This eliminates the hassle of looking for parking lots when you are travelling in a hire car. However, if you are heading out of town the scenery changes and you would be thankful to have the convenience of your own set of wheels for better range of mobility.

Attractions not to be missed

This is not the best place in Peru to be travelling on your own during nighttimes as crime and theft are common. Yet the town and surrounding areas of Arequipa has a number of great attractions to assuage your thirst for new places of interest, rich culture and outdoor adventure.

  • Misti, Pichu-Pichu and Chachani are three volcanic mountains bordering the city.
  • Colca River, Camana, Mollendo beaches and other picturesque locations outside the town can be easily reached in a rental car or truck.
  • The city is home to many prestigious art galleries depicting world famous Peruvian art as well as modern art.
  • Many buildings in the region are made out of a white volcanic stone called 'sillar' lending the nickname ‘White City’.
  • San Camilo Market is an ancient marketplace located in the city center and can be easily accessed on foot from the main square.
  • Do not miss a visit to any of the factories that makes Alpaca wool, the finest and high quality wool made from Andean camel fur for which Arequipa is world famous.

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