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Car Hire Maputo

A largest and capital city of Mozambique is called Maputo. This city is famous for having plenty of acacia trees due to which everyone knows it as ‘City of Acacia’. The chief exports of the city are hardwood, copra, sisal, chromites, sugar and cotton. It is one of the least-developed countries but trying to increase economic growth by increasing their exports. The city has an international airport with the name of Maputo International Airport. It handles around 90,000 passengers in a year. The domestic airport is under construction and will be use by the native people of Mozambique to travel from one city to another. The country is working on providing best services to the tourists in every sector to show a good impression of Mozambique among foreigners. There are several car rental companies in the city that provides satisfactory services to the tourists.

The beauty of Maputo

Maputo has many beautiful places that have developed for the tourists and native people. Some of the attractive places are:

  • Tunduru Gardens
  • Hotel Polana
  • Vila Algarve - The former location of Portuguese Secret Police (PIDE)
  • The Museum of Natural History
  • Cathedral of Maputo
  • Municipal Council of Maputo
  • Central Railway Station (CFM)
  • Fortress of Maputo

The most visited place among above mentioned places is Tunduru Gardens. People can only visit this park due to the lack of public places in Maputo. The growth in tourism would be only possible with increase in public places, parks, amusement parks etc. The union council of the city is working on the development of more parks and children outing places in the city. Due to increase in these places, the tourism would grow more in the country. The tourists rely on hiring a car to visit whole city of Maputo. They get new vehicles with great services and low rates.

The car rental desks are available outside railway stations, airports and city centers. You also have a choice to hire a truck as well as car in Maputo. The booking process for getting a car is very simple. You just need to show some of your personal details for the registration. You would get a car of your choice by completing some formalities and after some advance payment. Capital of Mozambique is a good place to visit especially for the people who have limited budget to spend on a trip. People from several neighboring countries visit this place and enjoys a lot.

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