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Car Hire Mozambique

Mozambique is a tropical paradise with amazing beaches and marine wildlife to see and enjoy. There are numerous places to visit such as the island resort of Bazaruto Archipelago named after the largest sea park in the African continent. It is always nice to enjoy such a holiday destination with a reliable means of transport so that you are not left at the mercy of buses and taxis. All you need is to approach reliable car hire services Mozambique for a rental of your choice to use during your stay.

One thing to consider when using reputable car hire services Mozambique is matters of rental car insurance. This is to cover any expenses you may incur in case you damage the rental car or get into an accident while using it. Third party insurance is a requirement when visiting this country, but apart from this you need to be fully informed of your insurance options before travelling to this country.

If you won a personal car back home, then find out if you’re personal auto insurance covers your rental car in any way. This will keep you from purchasing the additional cover offered by reliable rental car services Mozambique in case it is covered in your current personal auto insurance. If you use a credit card to pay for the rental, you may find that you are already covered. This is because some credit card companies offer customers who use their card to pay for rental car services some form of secondary insurance cover. In some cases, they even offer free collision damage cover, and if you end up purchasing it again from your car hire agency Mozambique you will be paying double for insurance.

If you’re personal auto insurance cover exceeds the car rental Mozambique cover, then you will be covered for liability insurance, collision and comprehensive insurance and extra coverage. Ascertaining where you stand in matters of rental car insurance saves you from financial losses in case of an accident. However your personal auto insurance may not be recognized overseas when visiting a country such as Mozambique so you will need to turn to rental insurance.

A reliable car hire agency Mozambique will be able to give you adequate information on collision insurance, which covers any damages to the rental car you will be driving. You should also be informed about comprehensive insurance which covers your rental car in regards to fire, theft and vandalism among other damages. This is followed by liability insurance, which will pay for damages to other people including any medical expenses arising from the incident. Having insurance does not give you carte blanche to over speed or drink and drive when using you rental car. So ensure that you treat your vehicle form a reliable rent – a – car agency Mozambique as if it is your own personal car.

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