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Car Hire Veracruz International Airport

Veracruz International Airport is situated at the city of Veracruz in Mexico, and hence its name. It handles both international and regional flight. Due to the growing demand of travelers, Veracruz International was recently renovated to accommodate those demands and meet modern requirements. It now has larger hallways in its terminals, so that it can handle increased passenger that land in larger aircrafts like the Boeing 757.

Increased passengers means that airport transfers have to be improved and that is the case because when you land at Veracruz International, you have a variety of options that will take you to your destination. Shuttles, buses and taxis, but the best means of airport transfers and transport when you are on holiday in Veracruz is a rental car. It will give you the freedom to tour the city at your own pace and go to any place that you will feel like visiting. Taxi charges can be extravagant when you have to tour many places.

There are numerous car hire providers at this airport and hence you will never be stranded when you land. The best thing however is to do a prior booking of the vehicle that you would prefer, so that you can have it ready immediately after checking out. Having a proper arrangement with your hotel management can save you a lot of money, when you opt to get all the services from the hotel that you will book. Some hotels have car hire services and hence they will set aside the car that you will need and use throughout your visit.

Attractions in Veracruz

The European founded streets of this city have admirable history to tell. Veracruz is surrounded by a rainforest with enough wildlife to see. The Gulf of Mexico has its beauty too in form of the amazing coral reefs. When it comes to sightseeing you will understand why you need car hire services because the city has numerous interesting museums, ecological park, zoo and a modern aquarium, and you will need mobility to enjoy your time out without a hurry. The beach is less than 30 minutes away where you can go and enjoy some swimming.

It does not matter whether you prefer to spend your day in the city or its suburbs, the effect is that you will have a lot to enjoy and keep you busy and occupied.

  • The Cathedral – It is in downtown next to the city hall and Main Square. Its popularity is because it occupies the space where the early 17th century chapel was build back in 1807. Many improvements have been done since then to make it the spectacle it is now.
  • City Museum – It occupies the 19th century neoclassical structure that was build for a hospice that never came to be, until the French-English intervention was over, and it was then converted to a sickbay. It remained there for 100 years and later was moved to its current location. This museum has all the historic, cultural and artistic collections.
  • Veracruz Aquarium – It is another nice attraction that you should drive in your rental car to and enjoy the beauty of Veracruz’s under water life. It takes the 8th position as the most visited aquariums in the world.

The above attractions just a few of what you can see in Veracruz, and since you have a hired car for the purpose of touring the city, ensure you make full use of it and drive to most or even all of the attractions.

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