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Car Hire Manzanillo Airport

Barra de Navidad can be found at the western coastline of Jalisco in Mexico. This town is known for having a farming and small fishing village as well that can be found at the east side of Bahia de Navidad. The government of Jalisco has been promoting Barra as one of the tourist spots there since this town is fronting the beach and hotels that offer affordable and comfortable accommodation to every visitor as well. Barra de Navidad is known as a beautiful and attractive place in Mexico and its fishing community is also considered as a main tourist attraction too since it’s at the heart of Costalegre. The fishing village can be found on a sand bar and it splits up the lagoon from the Ocean Christmas. You can go around the place using a car hire service to help you make this trip very comfortable. If you are looking for cheap car hire Manzanillo Airport then compare prices with us.

There are different restaurants, sports shops, golf courses, and fishing games that can be found in Barra de Navidad that attracts a lot of tourist to come and visit the town. This part of Mexico will help you enjoy the place and you will surely have a memorable vacation and visit. Getting to Barra Navidad is not so hard and complicated because you can get there by plane since this town is so accessible using Puerto Vallarta Airport and Manzanillo Airport with a car hire service too. Though Puerto Vallarta gives more advantage to passengers because of their options of flights, the transfer going to the south coast is more time consuming. You can book for a car hire or just wait for a cab when you reach Puerto Vallarta.

Those who are looking for fine sands and pristine beaches come to Barra de Navidad because the beach here is fine and sheer and the waves are also rough which is best for surfers. They often call the place Playa de Navidad too because the beach is eye catching in this town. People can also go fishing at the jetty rocks and those who will stay at hotel Jalisco will surely have a relaxing and very calm morning because of the sunshine, the sound of the waves and the water. Most of all, everyone can have a taste of fresh seafood here at the beach side. There are restaurants there that are ready to serve you with good food that you will never taste again when you go back home. Do you know that this place is also one of the options of families that are thinking of picnicking and simple bonding with kids and with their friends too? Car hire Manzanillo Airport is the best way to view near by attractions.

Don't hesitate about exploring the local area and book your car hire Manzanillo Airport with us today.

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