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Guanajuato International Airport Car Hire Quote

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Km 5.5 Carretera Silao-leon Col.nuevo Mexico, Col.nuevo Mexico, Leon, 36270
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Km 5.5 Carretera Silao leon Col.nuevo Mexico, Col.nuevo Mexico, Leon, 36270
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Car Hire Guanajuato International Airport

Mexico is an amazing place to be and you will realize that the minute you land at Guanajuato International Airport. The friendly Mexican people will guide you through the clearance procedure and within no time, you will be se to explore this great country. It will be even more fun when you book with one of the car hire service providers for a personal car that you can use to explore the city at your pace. There are taxis, shuttles and buses for airport exchange but they will not do you justice when you feel like stopping and enjoying the view.

Guanajuato International Airport was officially known as Del Bajio International Airport, and it is an international airport situated in Silao, Guanajuato. Visitors from different corners come to Mexico through this airport and hence you can expect top quality and modern services here.

Things to do in Mexico

You will be spoilt of choice when it comes to exploration of the Mexico’s attractions. The best thing to do is plan on how to go about it so that you do not miss the fun be concentrating on some attractions. The activities that you should not leave Mexico without doing are the visits to the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Museum. You should also make some time and go to the cultural institutions like the National Palace and the Palace of Fine Arts, where you will learn a lot about this great country.

Your rented car comes in handy when you set to explore the city one day at a time. The smaller colonial cities that neighbor Mexico are good places to recharge. Many visitors prefer to visit the countryside first and then cool down by enjoying the attractions in the city.

Nightlife in Mexico

The two neighborhoods, Roma and Condesa are the most famous with most of the travelers for their spectacular late-night dining plus lively clubs and bars. You do not have to mind when you have your rental car because nightlife in this capital starts at around 10 p.m. and stretches deep into the night. That makes a hired vehicle a very important part of your holiday here.

Sightseeing in Mexico

Daytime as we found out earlier is as interesting as nighttime, because there are various attractions that you need to check out. Some of them are explained below.

  • The Ruins – Templo Mayor is one of the most impressive attractions that comprise of Aztec temples in Aztec city. The ruins of Toetihuacan tell of the old Mesoamerican city where its inhabitants vanishing was a mystery back in 700 AD. If you need English translation guides when visiting Templo Mayor, you will need to book them six weeks prior to your visit. This is because they are always busy due to the huge human traffic visiting the ruins.
  • The Chapultepec Forest – There is a serene and fresher side in this city, which is in form of the over 1,500 acres of green space. There are museums too in this forest and hence, in addition to relaxing under the cool shades of the trees you will have a lot to learn about Mexico.
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