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Car Hire Tripoli Airport

Welcome to Tripoli Airport and the heart of Libya. There are many things to see and enjoy here, contrary to what many people would expect from a semi-arid country. Libya hosts a number of cultural sites such as Leptis Magna, Cyrene, Ghadames, Sabratha and the art paintings on the mountainous series of Tadrarat Acacus. If you are looking for a unique destination for your next holiday, Tripoli is the place to be because the tourism services are now improved, and you can even hire a car and drive yourself to every attraction site you want. Car hire services are affordable and you can book before you land to avoid hitches.

It is always affordable when you book services as a package, and hence you can organize with the hotel that you are going to stay in at the time of your visit, so that they can include the charges for the rental car in your bill. Some of the high quality hotels in Libya offer car hire services to their patrons and so it will be advantageous to book in one of such hotels.

We travel to learn new things and meet people, and you will not regret when you visit this wonderful country, which has retained golden memories and times through its process of civilization. You can only learn about them when you drive around in your rental car because then you will have ample time to learn the astonishing facts about this country. You will also visit the incredible sites comfortable without a hurry.

Driving Around the City

The experience of getting from one point in the city to another is the same as your home city because it is hassle free. You can even decide to walk around because that is the best way to explore the city. You will meet the friendly and welcoming Libyan people who are always ready to assist you whenever you need a thing.

After a perfect holiday, you will want to carry something home that will remind you of the lovely time you enjoyed in Tripoli. You can hence walk around and visit the various brand shops that offer their products at affordable prices or costs that you would expect when you compare them with what you pay back at home. Visitors will always be considered and that is why trendy and traditional clothes as well as electronics are sold at discounted prices.

Things to do in Tripoli

When you want to free from the hectic modern life, Libya is the place to go because you will have many relaxing things to do. Visit the following three places that are Tripoli’s main attraction sites.

  • Beautiful beaches – The beaches are well taken care of and you can pass time as you enjoy swimming in the waters as well as basking under the sun.
  • The Old City – Learn about the history of Tripoli by visiting the old structures of the city. Nothing tells of a country than the rich history told by its ancient structures.
  • Museums – The museums will also teach you a lot of history concerning this great country.

Other Nearby Locations

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