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Car Hire Gioia Tauro

Gioia Tauro is among the most expansive seaports in Italy and the largest container port in Europe. Although, it lacks the ancient touch you get to enjoy in other Italy cities, owing to the devastating blow of frequent earthquakes, it is still worth a visit. There is a beach at Palmi and although it spans only 1km, it is a serene spot since it is never crowded. Alternatively, you can tour the beaches in Lidos, which are always full during summer. You can drive to the remnants of Cittadela and get to learn about the history and culture of Calabria people. The nearest airport to the town is Reggio Calabria. From here, why not rent a car and make an adventurous trip to the seaport area.

Even without entering to any site, you will enjoy optimally by driving as you view the small seaside urban area. Renting a car gives you comfort and the freedom that you need to enjoy your vacation in Gioia Tauro even if it is for a few days. Here are some of the reasons why you should go for car hire services:

  • Freedom - Travel itineraries mostly leave out a lot of free time. This means that you will get bored if you have to lie back on your hotel bed simply because it is a bad time to catch a bus. With a rental car, you can find other activities to do.
  • It costs less than a taxi - Most taxis agencies charge per the miles you travel, which is more expensive as compared to the car booking rates.
  • It is a convenient option when carrying big luggage. Where you are going hiking, surfing and the like in Gioia Tauro, just rent a car to carry the gear safely to the spot.
  • You can stop anywhere and catch a snack or drink which will not be possible while traveling in a bus.

Driving tips for Italy

  1. Although most car rental firms will not demand for the international driving license, ensure to get one before traveling since the law enforcers might ask for it.
  2. The maximum speed limit is 130km/h on the highways but this might change on other roads.
  3. Always keep your headlights on be it day or night
  4. Make sure your safety belt is well fastened and for any other person who could be on board
  5. Have some reflective vests in the car. They will be provided by the car agency.
  6. Lastly, do not take alcohol and drive while in Gioia Tauro as that might get you to the cells or fetch you a hefty penalty.

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